CSM: Project Powder Review

Project Powder can be immensely fun as it couples skill and good judgment with competition. The courses are varied and challenging, but the game is forgiving in that it picks you up when you fall instead of having you wipe out. Also, you can hit the escape key to reset you back on course. The game is very easy to pick up, provides excitement with good visuals and matching music, and yet challenging to master. It takes time and practice as each course has it's areas for the savvy player to get extra "air time" to perform tricks. Outspark disallows accounts for children 13 and under, but with parental supervision, it can be a good game for children of about 9 on up.

As with other MMORPGs and competitive online games, players can form or join an in-game social group. Being a member of a "crew" can enhance game play. In-game events are scheduled often as are special events that award prizes, and frequent content updates such as new items and new runs keep the game lively for players.

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