Rumor - Gamestop Reducing MadWorld Cost

While MadWorld didn't sell as much one would have thought given the hype, it still managed to earn an 81 on Meta Critic. If you're one of those (apparently many) who didn't pick up the game when it was released, you may get the chance to snag it for a reduced price.

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Twizlex3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

If only I had a Wii then I might care.

Sandwich Bender3809d ago

You sound pessimistic. You probably still wouldn't care.

herkules3809d ago

I care! lol this game looks pretty sweet. gotta check it out.

OmegaSlayer3809d ago

Sega would better port this game to PS3 and 360.
From the video that I've seen, the game kicks asses and I would be pleased to play it even with a real controller.

Sandwich Bender3809d ago

I totally agree. I actually have a Wii, but I'm just not that crazy about playing games like with a Wii remote.

herkules3809d ago

yeah the wii is fun for certain games but not for violent action games like this.