Chromehounds Garage

Every week, Jesse James and a rag-tag group of shop monkeys attempt to build a beast of a vehicle nearly from scratch. Chromehounds has its own "monster" garage, albeit a bit more futuristic and high-tech than what is seen on the Disco Channel.

The Chromehounds Garage is a utopia for those that like to make a synergistic whole through a sum of parts. Many of us have construction in our DNA; from baking a cake "outside the box", to a scale model of the Bay Bridge- all in LEGO- and everything in between.

The notion of putting together a HOUND (Chromehounds's mechanized ground fighters) from a parts bin full of pieces is quite exciting for those that feel the Constucticons were the best Transformers ever. Our guess is that even those without the penchant for manufacture will find the Chromehounds garage as an addictive, never-ending quest towards HOUND perfection.

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Asylumchild6180d ago

can enyone tell me how this game is?
IS their a lot to customize one the "BEASTS"?