Logitech offers PS3 adapter for Harmony remote

Logitech, as you may be aware, has a product called "Harmony", a universal remote which aims to let you control your entire home entertainment system with one device.

The difficulty comes when manufacturers don't support it, and up until recently that was the case for Sony's PS3 console. Sony uses Bluetooth, you see, whereas the Harmony works via infrared.

This adapter from Logitech bridges that gap by converting the IR signal from the remote into a Bluetooth one that the PS3 is happy with. All 51 PS3 commands are supported, including the ability to turn the console on and off.

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Siesser3808d ago

I have been waiting for this forever. Not quite the solution of built-in bluetooth that I was hoping for, but it's something, at least. Right now my set-up requires 3 remote controls to switch between devices the easiest. Mmmmm, Harmony ONE, here I come!

Kleptic3808d ago

i'm still waiting for the BRAVIA-sync and HDMI control options rumored to be coming in a future update...

I have a 46" Z series HDTV...and a PS3...and a Sony DG820 reciever for 7.1 television remote can almost fully control the receiver through both IR and HDMI control functions (the bravia sync stuff does all that iirc)...however, because of the BT nature of the PS3, my TV remote will not control any of the PS3 stuff yet, because the PS3 does not yet support HDMI right now I'm stuck with 2 remotes...but its not a big deal...

hopefully this does come eventually...the 4100 z series has its own XMB system, but has a tab for 'other controlled devices'...would be awesome if the PS3 XMB can eventually be integrated into the TV's xmb...which is how all this stuff is supposed to work eventually...