The next few months in SCEE Home

The next few months in SCEE Home By Ted The Dog

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FreestyleBarnacle3810d ago

I think I speak for many in Europe who are interested in Home when I say that if this is true and leads to anything (pretty big if but hey) then Wahoo! Finally!

Pwee3809d ago

This is good news indeed.

SCEE do listen!!

Yi-Long3809d ago

... but I ran away from HOME a long long time ago.
This could have been great, but somehow it just isn't.

Mikelarry3809d ago

aint the only one. hopefully the more content and integration it gets over the coming years then i might decide to go back to it. as for now there isnt anything it does for me that i wouldnt be able to do without it.

Mindboggle3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

I actually really like Home but i never go on it as it just takes so long to get into it, and when you are in it doesnt actually relate to anything or provide any real functionality that is useful.

My vision of home would be you could fluently jump between the XMB and Home and game launch, chat etc. Not spend 5 mins trying to load up Home and gather all your freinds, when you could be playing the game by now.

Arsenal4Ever3809d ago

have you guys noticed that this is all happening after DR left ;) I wonder what he was doing at SCEE.

heyheyhey3809d ago

if you mean David Reeves, then yeah.. it's probably best that he left, he had a tendency to act like a typical mouthy, annoying MS rep too

Home is definitely going in the right direction, if TTD isn't lying about 17 new spaces in the next 2-4 months.. then that's very nice, especially if they're as awesome as the EA space

but Home lacks some fundamental things.. like where's the trophy room, or why is there a section for placing image frames in your pad, but you can't actually attach an image to them? legal stuff i know, but it should've been sorted out by now

NewScratch3809d ago

what if sony opened up home to the www. i know this takes away from the exclusivity of the feature to ps3 owners but i think home as a service has more opportunity overall than it does as a ps3 feature. especially to those who are in there a bunch. it'd allow them to be in anytime they're online and also really open things up to grow the community. in turn. i think it'd be of huge benefit to the the ps brand though.

hell, its free anyways and if they're making their money by selling clothes, apt furniture then i could only assume that that revenue would exponentially grow.

whaddya'll think?

heyheyhey3809d ago

i think that's a very bad idea

PC already has Second Life, which is more open-sourced than Home.. just like the PC crowd like it

no need for Home on PC.. at all, it's a community feature for the PS community- it's centered and designed that way

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