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What would you do if you could channel millions of volts through your fingertips? Take to the streets and try to right the world's wrongs? Create pandemonium with your newfound abilities, dealing out death and destruction with the flick of a wrist? Or simply kick back on the sofa and impress your mates as you flick through the digi-box without the aid of a remote control? That's the predicament at the centre of Sucker Punch's Infamous, an open world game with a superhero lilt that's easily one of the finest PlayStation 3 exclusives to date.

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krackchap3807d ago

well done sucker punch.

DasBunker3807d ago

great score indeed... loved the demo cant wait till the full thing..

3807d ago
Dark Collosis3807d ago

Very nice to see PS3 get yet another fantastic game added to its library. Bravo to sucker punch. Hope all you PS3 fans buy this game up like it deserves.. Enjoy.

3807d ago
Nitrowolf23807d ago

I would take AAA title over cross game chat anytime

Mindboggle3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Please just stop with this AAA rubbish....Dont forget if its not AAA(9.0+) on metacritic then its a flop...Just remember that...

MNicholas3807d ago

...yet IGN gave this games visuals an 8, a score that suggests borderline borderline acceptability, and gave GTAIV a perfect 10 from IGN. Certainly their score isn't based on technical merit.

This isn't a cross platform title so there's no need to argue about bias but inconsistency of this magnitude certainly brings the relevance of their scoring system sharply into question.

Mindboggle3807d ago

I was being sarcastic dumbass's

Andronix3807d ago

After the Christmas games rush the first half of the year is normally pretty quiet when it comes to new titles. I think Sony have been pretty astute in delivering both Killzone 2 and inFamous before Summer has even started. It gives the games a chance to shine.

pain777pas3807d ago

I was still gonna check this out regardless now looks like there is some love for this game. Good to read.

Bloodwar3807d ago

I also bought my PS3 for its exclusives. Win win for me. =)

Montrealien3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

How about cross game chat and a AAA game? I have all consoles so I got em all, all their AAA games and all the advantages and disadvantages that they offer, being a gamer that plays great games all consoles is so full of win I want to cry.


I find it funny how most of the comments in the "gamer" section on this kind of news is always about praising console maker and how they are amazing and incredible and deliver AAA games like they where Octomom. If I where a mod here, I would smell the "enthusiasts" comments from a mile away, no matter how polite they are. Praise the software, discuss the story, design, gameplay, dev, graphics, talk about the GAME. Not how you would want the console maker to bare your children because of their amazing exclusives, which each console have. The system is just the medium, not the message, as gamers we should only care about the message. If you care so much about the medium, go measure your epeens with the "special" people.

special people that way ------)

/end rant
/on topic

Having owned all the sly cooper games I am very happy about this new Sucker punch game, the demo is amazing, and the super hero/super vilain choices are simply amazing. I am glad to see it is getting positive reviews, even though I did not need them, the demo and my own judgment sold me the game in 5 minutes. I cant wait for this gem to come out.

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Valdass3807d ago

one of the finest PlayStation 3 exclusives to date.
cool :)

7thNightvolley3807d ago

for an open world game its really freaking good.. would pick this over infamous anyday... wait oh its on ps3 too.. ok getting both :D

7thNightvolley3807d ago

"do u mean prototype 7?"

if that was ment to be a joke u failed dude.

Buttons3807d ago


"I like milk."

"Don't you mean milk is the best thing ever created?"

"Hey idiot, milk is awesome!"

red5ive3807d ago

lots and lots of FAIL!!!

7thNightvolley3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

prototype dude.. what else could we be talking about ...

so much failures here looolhaha

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Baba19063807d ago

yay nice. i was going to buy it anyway. the only problem ist the long wait till it comes out.

PSP23807d ago


LevDog3807d ago

9.2 from Ign US..

I forgot Ps3 has no games though..

zoneofenders3807d ago

flop! PS3 has no gamez!!
OH wait....
flop!! infamous cant sell 2 million in the first day!!

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