IGN: Infamous Review

IGN's Greg Miller writes:Spider-Man 2 the videogame will always hold a special place in my heart. After decades of games taking superheroes, assigning their abilities halfhearted meters, and sticking them in beat'em ups, Spider-Man 2 put you behind the web-head's mask and let you loose on an open-world. The game had citizens packing side missions, enemies roaming the city, and more. Of course, it also had a bunch of problems, but it at least gave the world a glimpse of what a superhero game could be. Surely, someone would pick up the idea, polish it, and run with it… right?

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Lifendz4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Seems like Sony has done it again. AAA status for a brand new IP? Wow. People slept on Sony's in-house studios but one of the things I enjoyed most about the PS2 was the diversity of games. Looks like the trend continues for PS3. Can't wait to pick this one up.

Bubbles for all that say they're picking it up day one.

GWAVE4041d ago

Yet another must-have exclusive game for the PS3.

Oh wait. I forgot. It's all about multiplats now, amirite? ;^)

Daoshai4041d ago

Great job Sucker Punch!
Now I gotta wait for it to be delivered *whine*

Lifendz4041d ago

Let the otherside have an exclusive gun or dlc mission for a game that had more missions on the disc than most of us did. Big whoop. Give me an exclusive game any day of the week over exclusive DLC.

If Sony markets the game right (fat chance) it could be huge. But hey, I don't own stock in the company so sales don't matter to me. I'm buying it.

Awesome review by Greg Miller.

4041d ago
I_am_rushin4041d ago

"when women cried out that they wanted to have my baby, and so on"

Wow! Now I'm definitely getting this game lol.

joydestroy4041d ago

yup, day 1 and AAA status confirmed!

zoneofenders4041d ago

well gratz suker punch! i knew they could pull this off!!

anyway, will we europeans get UC2 beta code or not? in the special edition?

4041d ago
dericb114041d ago

I have $40 down on my pre-order and have the demo lol. I will be playing this in a few weeks. I said this once and will say this again. If you have $5 pre-order can get the demo.

solidjun54041d ago

Dude you're preaching the choir. I think should hire someone else to market their games effectively. Sorta like they did with the PS2/PS1. They had great commercials. I must admit that the MLB:09 commercial with Justin Pedoria is wonderful. It sold quite well during the first month.

On topic:
Even if this game received a 2.9, I still would've gotten it. I had this game paid and I loved the demo. Plus the fact that Uncharted 2 demo code is included was just icing on the cake. I'm glad IGN recognized how good the game is and hopefully everyone will go and buy it. I've very much interested with the story and I'm going to finally get a damn platnuim!!! lol

TheTwelve4041d ago

Bubble me up this on-day delivery from Amazon. Back in the early days of the PS1, any 1st party games outside of Nintendo's sucked big-time. Oh, how things have changed. Now it's the first party Sony games that I believe are the best games in this generation over all. When you include games like this plus those gems on the PSN, the argument is an easy one.

Looking forward to it!


TheTwelve4041d ago

Lifendz--- Sony can't market every game like Microsoft did with Halo 3....there are too many exclusive Sony games! Stop with this marketing crap...let word of mouth do it's job and let's play.


TheHater4041d ago

I am trying to get this game early :) I am trying to get the game early because it that dam great base on the demo I played.

J8M7G4041d ago

...Im gonna need a bigger dvd unit.

PistolPumptMonk4041d ago

This game looks so solid. Sony continues to impress me with amazing third party exclusives, and I've never been happier to own a PS3.

Most definitely a day one purchase for me.

OmarJA4041d ago

Holy Sh!t at 44.00 o_O!

Saigon4041d ago

all i needed to see was the score...

hay4041d ago

Awesome. I wanted to buy it despite the ratings so the reviews just proven me this game is worth to buy.

The only fear I have that Infamous will be released in my country fully localized and may come without option of original, english voiceovers and subs. I hate non-original VoiceOvers.

4041d ago
red5ive4041d ago

i can't find any reason on why this wouldn't be a day one purchase. damn, i can't wait!!!!!

jcgamer4041d ago

and DAMN Sony, don't hurt em'

1st party exclusives FTW! :)

Muggles4041d ago

Already preordered and loving the demo!

king dong24041d ago

why do you have to write a stupid pathetic fanturd comment everytime??? seriously, you are competing with nasim as the nets biggest loser...grow up ey!

anyway, this has always been a day-one for me. i'm looking forward to this one!

kevnb4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

ill reword it, 8.5 for sound? How could they, the sound in the game is better than pretty much anything else Ive played. 7.1 uncompressed audio combined with an awesome score is not an 8.5 in my book. I mean it really immerses you with its sound, you feel like you are there at times. the rest of the review was good though.

NDoerrFans4041d ago

I hate to sound greedy but I've never been offered a bubble before! Thought I'd just add to the list of people ready to grab this... along with Cross Edge and Crimson Gem Saga all on the same darn day. I'm going to need a week off work!


Did you see the montage, excellent fun to be had while playing this title.

I don't know why people doubted Sony and there ability to churn out a lot of different, compelling and fun game titles for all to enjoy!

Good job Suckerpunch ! I did have doubts on this one, but you guys did it !

heroicjanitor4041d ago

I said yesterday it reminded me of spiderman 2 and apparently this guy agrees, I've been waiting for another go anywhere superhero game,definitely day one.

Aquanox4041d ago

This is definitely a good game. It's good to see Sony releasing good titles for this usually dry season.

I tend to trust more the non exclusive reviews so I'd wait to see how this one does in other websites reviews to have a more rounded idea.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4041d ago

Of course it was AAA, scores have nothing to do with AAA status, only kids think scores define a game. A game's production values are the determinant factor for that kind of status, not scores by paid lobbyists. Braid is a fun game but it is not AAA, Too Human is supposedly AAA but it is horrible. Same for Lair.

Anyway, day 1

4041d ago
phosphor1124041d ago

Amon Tobin?

His music is amazing. I THINK he did some earlier Splinter Cell music..not too sure..but he has awesome music.

FrankenLife4041d ago

I already have it preordered, and will be there in the morning to pick it up. We don't know how prototype will turn out, but I have a feeling that this game will be the victor in that competition.

Tapewurm4041d ago

Everything is looking good, can't wait for it....every vid I see of this game makes me want it that much more.

Alvadr4041d ago

And the PS3 gets another jewel in its crown.. Roll on 27th May :)

jmare4041d ago

Is it just me or is that not the video review? Why hasn't anyone else called the contributor out on this?

On Topic: Good score.

antt34041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I kept trying to convince myself *not* to buy this day one (I'm cheap). But after watching this review video, and seeing that Amazon has it for $53.99 plus special pre-order bonuses, I made the plunge.

Can't wait. Looks freakin' sweet.

EDIT: Jmare, not sure what you mean. It is the review...

jwatt4041d ago

The game looks fun, I still have to pre order it.

goflyakite4041d ago

Did anyone expect any less from Sucker Punch?

I loved the Sly series, and I will love this (hopeful)series.

jmare4041d ago

I'm seeing Infamous: Technology, not the video review on the site. I can't access the video review from this page. If it is, cool. But I don't see it.

Veneno4041d ago

Day one confirmed. I wonder if IGN will give Prototype a higher score lol ;)

INehalemEXI4041d ago

good review, makes you want to go play some demo.

pixelsword4041d ago

Smells like.... Victory!"

ThanatosDMC4041d ago

Fine fine... i played the demo and liked it. I'm buying it at Best Buy.

PS3Freak4041d ago

I fell in love with this game within the first 30 seconds of the demo. I will be buying it day one. The thing that sucks about it though is that we got it today at my work. I have to look at it for 2 WEEKS!! without being able to buy it.

maxx12234041d ago

I just imported demon souls as well.. there are too many games coming out.. and i wanted to pick up sacred 2 since i loved playing it on my pc.. guess that will have to wait a month until i have some more free time.

Looks beautiful from the vids i see around, and i was digging the comic style cut scenes. It played off the whole "super hero/villian" aspect to the game. arg my wallet is killing me!

man its good to be a gamer..

na2ru14041d ago

The reviewer sounded a lot more enthusiastic than most reviewers who reviewed PS3 exclusives.

This person is reviewing Infamous for what it is, not for it being a PS3 exclusive, but as a game in its own right.

LONEWOLF2314041d ago

Dude there is no doubt that this game would be epic.
The Demo was proof of how great this game will be.

Day one buy for me as well!

BWS19824041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

up for this quicker, although I was already planning on buying it, I wasn't sure when I'd get it because of medical bills, but I've seen a lot of videos now on the game and read even more, and my anticipation is growing enormously.

Aquanox, stop with the backhanded compliments, we already know you hate the PS3, clever wording in your post to walk the gray line of unbiased attitude is obviously a ploy. Why can't you like games instead of manufacturers, you're gonna miss out?

Jaces4041d ago

Wow, I just watched the video review and this game looks amazing. I've only seen clips and some cut scenes but I never knew the depth of the game.

Awesome score (Good job Sucker Punch) and I cannot wait to get my hands on this AAA gem.

The XBOT4041d ago

Seems like a good game yeah and I congratulate the Sony fans for a nice successful game. However, most debates in the past have been on visual superiority of the PS3 in its first party games as the 360 has had the edge in multiplatform games or has been on par with the PS3.

Why does this first part game suffer from POP in, Repeatitive environments and framerate dips if it has the power of the Cell in first party development? Again I am not criticizing the game, the game looks awesome, but please shut the f*ck up about visual superiority of the PS3. It is no miracle machine.

Jaces4041d ago

Well you see a lot of that in GTAIV and many other multiplat games so why bother to bring it up now?

Hell you even saw a lot of that in Fable 1 and 2. It's just a "consequence" when you run a game with such great visuals. It's either no popping and less than great graphics or minor pops here and there with amazing graphics.

You choose. :)

DaTruth4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I preordered this in my heart 2 yrs ago! Yes, I knew it would be amazing, and the first vids of Prototype sealed it for me! Prototype looked horrible.

My prediction: Prototype will sell way better on Xbox! Nobody with a Playstation will buy it until they finish this; Evil and Good!

@the xbot: This open world game graphically looks better than all linear multiplats and 360 games; So yes, the PS3 is more powerful! The 360 running this game would have to worry less about framerate dips and more about exploding and burning down the house.

Bubble Buddy4041d ago

Preordered already, Day 1 :)

Sheikh Yerbouti4041d ago

And I have vacation time set aside on May 26th. I am even picking up Damnation same day.

anh_duong4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

personally i think it is sad that this post has received so many comments because of fanboys arguing. if this is what gaming is about then we are heading in the wrong direction.

obviously not all comments are fanboy related but too many are.

aksmashh4040d ago

Without A Multiplayer The Graphics Would Have Gave Me A Reason To Buy It
Now I Think People Should Wait For Prototype Review, I Probably Just Going Wait For Uncharted 2 & Mess Around On GTA with Some Cheats

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PSP24041d ago

First Party>Third Party,agree

Roper3164041d ago

1st party > 3rd party multiplats

1st party = 3rd party exclusives ( see Valkyria Chronicles Yakuza 3 for proof )

Game13a13y4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

its all about 1st party, and surely PS 3 > 360 in this department. i'm so gonna get this game on day 1 now !!

poeo4041d ago

not every time, the world is not black and white.

lh_swe4035d ago

Although exceptions do occur, in rare instances though. But this industry is getting progresively better and better, which is closing that gap more and more.

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Major_Tom4041d ago

Ya... I don't understand how people think prototype is gonna be better than this.

Obama4041d ago

because Mart says so lol.

Major_Tom4041d ago

and that's why mart is banned to the crazy zone.

The Pheen-X4041d ago

Even if it was were still getting PRototype, its not like its a 360 exclusive.

Shane Kim4041d ago

Prototype look promising, but all fanboyism aside for this post, inFamous seems to be 10 times the game prototype is. The level of deatail, the variation of powers (I think I counted 18-20 powers from the IGN video review plus, you can upgrade the powers too) the scale, the atmosphere, the music, sound, TEH GRAPIXX, everything just looks so nice.

Day uno for me.

red5ive4041d ago

ahh prototype..... well, it's not gonna be as good imo, but i'm pretty sure i WILL buy it eventually.... but what's the point? lol

Game13a13y4041d ago

hm... my guess is prototype will be somewhat limited by the size of DVD9

antt34041d ago

Honestly, I'll have to reserve judgment of which is better until i actually play both games, but if we're talking which I'm more excited for, it's infamous, hands down.

Prototype looks like good too though, and if it's better, I'll say so. But there's no sense taking sides before playing both.