Delayed Alan Wake given new life with mo-cap tech

Remedy announces its partnership with Imagination Studios to enhance the title's animation proprties.

New signs of life from the Alan Wake project has emerged with developer Remedy announcing its partnership with motion-capture group Imagination Studios.

Imagination Studios (formerly known as Northern Light Studios) has supplied the Finnish developer with "motion-capture and animations" to assist in the game's elongated production.

Lasse Seppänen, Executive Producer at Remedy Entertainment said that "it is with great pleasure that we can recommend Imagination Studios. Remedy has been extremely pleased with their co-operation and devotion in bringing the characters of Alan Wake to life."

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lowcarb3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

ME either, and sorry for disagreeing with you 5 times.

JeffGUNZ3808d ago

This sums up this site perfectly. A simple statement about being excited for E3 and you get 6 disagrees. These fanboys are pathetic.

GWAVE3808d ago

The catchphrase "Alan Wait" gains new life, it seems.

kurochi3808d ago

but... but... but.... I thought only PS3 games are delayed!!!??? LOL sorry, I had to throw that one in there.

lowcarb3807d ago

Actually Alan Wake was announced way before MS decided not to go the Sony route with early hyping. Even though it's been a ghost you never hear of them saying it's coming out until it's ready. There are probably a ton of games that are takinh years to make, but the point is no longer do they hype 2 or three years early like Sony. Heck, I bet you anything that a majority of PS3 games announced wont be out until next year. Good job trying to start stuff but you fail because you don't even get why people say what they do about PS3 games.

ShabzS3807d ago

a lot of people are not excited about e3 it seems ... or not excited to see alan wake at e3... or see it at all...

kurochi3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

@ 1.5

oh... I'm sorry... did I touch a nerve there and hurt your feelings also??? LOL

Just to be clear, I'm looking forward to this game, but don't tell me that MS and their fanboys aren't hyping this game up and jizz's everytime a rumor is supposedly leaked on this game. Sony and MS do the same thing. I'm simply stating the fact that MS has games pushed back also. As long as people are making a big deal about PS3 games pushed back, people should make a big deal about an xbox game pushed back also.

ShabzS3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

its part of the industry.. they just want to polish and add some stuff its completely understandable.... we've only noticed sony as the ones doing it is coz they've been in the biz longer... wats this microsoft 7th year now?

AnttiApina3807d ago

Look at this guys twitter updates. He says that he has been on at Microsoft Pre-E3 and got a change to play Alan Wake!

Does he lie? Who knows! But if these promises are true the man!
He says the next: "Graphically stunning, massively open, incredibly engaging.... and sh!t-pant scary"

Ausbo3807d ago

alan wake was never delayed. Microsoft just showed it too early.
Remedy never announced a released date therfore they haven't delayed it.

XxZxX3807d ago

with arguement like that, that's no way anybody can beat this. so i hereby declare 1.10, Ausbo, the winner of this thread.

FragMnTagM3807d ago

If what that guy was saying is true, this is going to be one of the best E3's in recent years. I don't know about Nintendo, but Sony is looking to really steal the show this year. Will be interesting to see what happens. Whatever does happen though, I will get to do it all, seeing as how I have both systems. Also if anything cool happens for the Wii, a lot of my friends have that system.

NMC20073807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Whatever happened to Fifth Phantom Saga, I-No & Eyedentify for PS3? Those were announced at what...E3 2005? I have not heard anything about them either, also, where is that PSP Gran Turismo? Is it still coming? Just curious.

I can't find a trace of I-no, weird.

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Droid Control3808d ago

Can't wait to see more at E3...

Nelson M3808d ago

"Delayed Alan Wake"
thats all you need to Know

SasanovaS7773808d ago

its so obvious how bad this game was gonna be, and because of lack of games for the 360, all bots put hope to alan wake to bring something special to the table. once microsoft saw how disappointed the audience would be, they delayed it to try and make something out of it. since their animation is so horrid, they had to bring someone else in to try and make the game look polished and make it seem like a high quality title. I mean, i am not the only one who noticed how alan ran through those demos they showed...

Godmars2903808d ago

When is - was - the game expected to be out, and they're just now adding mo-cap?

Isn't that 2nd or 3rd stage development?

Trebius3808d ago

December 22nd, 2012 release.

thor3808d ago

Exactly what I was about to say.

Obviously they already have animations in place, and they're replacing them with mocapped ones. But that's by no means a short process.

Reminds me of when 3D Realms decided to switch engines for DNF...

gdguide3808d ago

Mo cap really is an earlier on stage of development. It affects the collision detection for one. Unless they are using it just for a few things like generic walking and so on. Heavy Rain uses all mo cap, but they use it for what seems to be loads of unique situations for each character.

Kleptic3807d ago

Guerilla stated that they had already started the insanely expensive process of full motion capture to be rendered in real time by the time the E3 05 trailer went basically they said 'it was one of the first things we decided to do'...

its expensive in terms of money...but its also expensive in terms of resources, in terms of the hardware running the renderer...I am very interested to see how well the 360 handles this...that may sound like a dig, but very few developers have done this on the 360 so far...ME did it, but layered mo-cap on the ancient UE3...and we all know that ME wasn't exactly known for running at an impressive clip...great static screen shots...but a 10fps buggy mess more often than not...

I also want to know how in depth this mo-cap goes...if its just character what?...almost every game has that to at least some degree...but if its FULL motion capture, like killzone 2, HS, Heavy Rain, and Uncharted...where facial animation is creepily real...and it is used in real gameplay...than that is something special...hopefully its true...

Heavy Rain and Alan Wake should go toe to toe at E3 this year...can't wait to see how it goes...

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BX813808d ago

I knew it wouldn't be long...They threw some Alan wake bait out and the Troll came a runnin!

Kain813807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Wrong reply

Reibooi3808d ago

the game is seeming more and more like vaporware. However we are seeing a bit more info recently so hopefully that won't be the case. The game sounds like it is slowly shaping up and maybe we will get a glimpse at E3. Can't wait to play it.

I did not murder him3807d ago

I don't know why you're getting agrees maybe you can show me where it says Mo-cap is just now being worked on. Sounds like the game took so long because of the needed partnership some time ago and they're now starting to reveal what wen't on.

“it is with great pleasure that we can recommend Imagination Studios. Remedy has been extremely pleased with their co-operation and devotion in bringing the characters of Alan Wake to life.”

^^ If you could just read this again and put your fanboyism aside and read in stead of trolling.

Reibooi3807d ago

I simply meant that despite talk of all the tech behind the game and how it's progressing well and such we never seem to get a release window or anything ala vaporware titles like Duke Nukem Forever. I mean awhile back we got to see the massive visual leap the game seemed to make in terms of the graphics from the earlier stuff which would indicate to some the game may have been entering the final stages of development however we never got a release date.

Im not a fan boy either as I stated I can't wait for the game to come out and finally play it. Remedy knows what they are doing and I'm 100% sure they are taking the it's ready when it's done approach.

I did not murder him3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Playing naive. They're not ready to talk about that. I doubt they're going to announce a release date outside of a major event I mean come on Microsoft's strategy is known pretty well.

Its also obvious since E3 is suppose to be back bigger and better I'm sure Microsoft wants to lead the charge in the show's revitalization hence the super secret behavior.

You don't see me saying GT5 is vaporware I take Poly at their word.

You say you're not a fanboy but I have read some of your comments and they are usually pessimistic criticism towards the 360.

Kleptic3807d ago

its not vaporware...Remedy had like 30 people when the game started development...and Remedy is notorious for taking a very long time to actually release the game...max payne 1 was the definition of that...

but despite taking a long time, they are very talented...and are perfectionists...Alan Wake is almost guaranteed to be a major title when ever it does release...

now on the other hand...that doesn't mean that it will be a technological powerhouse like many a fanboy is many are stating...motion capture isn't exactly something new...Heavenly Sword did this in real time, including full facial mo-cap, back in summer 2007...and there have been 5 if you are making a big deal out of mo-cap, relax...this is one of the few 360 titles to have it, if it is in fact full motion capture rendered in real time...yet its becoming quite normal on the PS3...

alan wake and heavy rain are the two 'different' titles that are going to focus on adult story telling...that is whats going to make the difference...which comes up with the better story overall, as well as gameplay mechanics will end up being the better title...but the fact that little has been shown of alan wake over the years doesn't exactly help the 'this game will prove that the 360 is the most powerful video game console' agenda that many people on this site insist on preaching...

JHUX3807d ago

You cant compare GT5 with Alan Wake, that is just stupid... Prologue? The reason people give Alan Wake the trouble is because all we have really seen is stuff on the PC, and have not been aware of anything they have done for the 360. You get a little to hurt over the slightest negative poke at a 360 exclusive (which he didn't say anything negative). I and many more as well are excited about this game, but it can be a little frustrating with the lack of updates about it. I am a fan of Remedy though so I know they will get it done, just hope they will have something at E3 to show that's not just a PC tech demo. I wish fanboys wouldn't diss fanboys. Judging by some of your past comments murder him I would put you in that group.

AnttiApina3807d ago

"The game sounds like it is slowly shaping up and maybe we will get a glimpse at E3. "
Slowly? The game has been shaping five years now. It doesn't mean that this is the next DNF and even they were developing the game full time unlike some of us thought.

Why is Alan Wake getting the same treatment as Duke? I am sure we are going to see something at E3.

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