Huxley Will Be Shown At E3

Torrence "Just got news today that Huxley will be shown at E3. It was one of my predictions up until today. They even had countdowns on their page that end on the first day of E3. I will have a 50min hands on with Huxley and should have my report up within the hour after playing. There's no confirmation as to whether the 360 version will be up and running at E3 yet".

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news4noobs3807d ago

I made lots of money with Webzen shares this year (up by 300%!) and have been waiting for this game so many years now.

no doubt it will be a success on pc and therefore also released for the 360 later on.

and no, nothing to do with the ps3, so don't even try fanboys.

GWAVE3807d ago

Sweeeet. Can't wait to see some concrete info on this game.

On the other hand, I don't look forward to the media's inevitable reaction of "Huxley will sink the PS3! Can MAG even compete?!?!?"

news4noobs3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

besides the dumbest title in video game history, it really can't compete with the magnitude of Huxley. It's like comparing a giant with a dwarf. Please inform yourself about the game before posting unqualified comments, thanks.

evrfighter3807d ago

lol, comparing Mag to Huxley is like bringing a knife to a tank fight.

peeps3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

as far as i'm aware mag and huxley are very very different games...

MAG pits up to 254 in 1 arena
Huxley is about an MMO world where you build up your character mmo style and fight fps (but it's not like your fighting with loads at the same time)

point being that both are 'mmo' but they are completely different from each other.


taken from the wiki site:

Little is known about Huxley's gameplay at the moment. Action is directed to be fast-paced, on par with games such as Unreal Tournament 2004,[citation needed] applied to a Massively Multiplayer Online Game setting. In a recent interview, Huxley's main producer Kijong Kang said that the cities in Huxley will be able to accommodate up to 5,000 (according to recent publications that number was increased to 10,000 since summer 2006) people, and the individual battles will support over a hundred players. The battles can be as small as 1 vs. 1 or as big as 60 vs. 60 players (120) and 100 vs. 100 in the PC version of the game. Player vs. AI will allow up to 64 players of a given faction to play together.

so looks like huxley is going to be up to 120 player battles. I wonder how they will be able to create arenas suitable for 1v1 up to 60v60 and if the fast paced 'unreal' style combat will suite large scale battles. Looking frwd to more info at E3

Godmars2903807d ago


At one point Huxley was a premiere 100v100 FPS MMO for the 360. Now its 32v32 that may be PC only.

MAG is still a 256 FPS with a ranking system only for the PS3.

So who's the tank and who's the knife?

SL1M DADDY3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I think that is obvious. The Tank is the one that you won't have to pay to play. ;-)

gambare3807d ago

lol I saw Huxley and it's a big pile of.... well... news4noobs

Godmars2903807d ago

Which could be both, neither or one. I haven't heard anything about costs and fees for MAG anyway. And Huxley could be free to play, pay for stuff, regardless of XBL Gold.

blackpanther253807d ago

you guys are so funny MAG and Huxley are not even comparable.
I for one can tell something about because i was in the korean for about years. The whole game was scratched and remade.

The game is utter crap. It was suppose to be huge battles that needed strategic thinking (what MAG is doing right now). They were never able to do that in the beta. Now its a 32 vs 32 which is still good, but not as good as their original idea for the game.

Huxley: Dystopia is free in Korea right now so when it eventually come to the states it should be free as well. Please this game has been delayed over and over again. As a matter of fact my brother was having a heated battle with mods at the forum how they keep hyping the game up and not meeting expectations.

SL1M DADDY3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

It's a nice thought to think Huxley would be free but let's consider the past games put out by the company. Have any of them been free to play? Just asking because I truly do not know. Now, let's take a look at the PSN games of the past. Have we had to pay for any of them online? If my memory serves me correct, all the signs would point to MAG being free and Huxley being a subscription based game... I could be wrong but I doubt it. Even if Huxley were free to play, they would require a fee for Live.

Godmars2903807d ago

Well, considering that the game isn't all that it was promised to be I for one can see MS and the dev getting together for damage control. Making the game free to play over XBL while buying customizable items. Give them an excuse to give a "free" category on XBL while still keeping paid subscriptions.

People are comparing them just because of player numbers. That's it.

SL1M DADDY3807d ago

I could see where a micro-transaction system would work with Huxley if it in fact remains as vast as some make it out to be. My guess is, it will be free in terms of monthly fees but will run using Live. In the end we will pay a retail price for the game then have to be Live Gold members to play online. MAG on the other hand will be the same in terms of retail price but have no online payment or yearly subscriptions.

I know my original comment was more tongue in cheek than anything else but if history proves to repeat itself, the Xbox online game will have some form of payment attached in order to play it online where as the PSN game will not.

blackpanther253807d ago

i see what ure saying.
I think they are gonna do the same thing which is to just create an item mall. To tell you the truth item malls suck for people who don't want to pay for anything cause it has stuf like powerups and etc.

i heard they sold it to ijii which are known for making all their games free, but i think they took it back.

Qui-Gon Jim3806d ago

Zipper said in a video on the playstation blog that MAG will be free to play after the purchase price.

There may be a possibility of the purchase price being higher than the standard $60, but I haven't seen anything about that beyond a pricing survey a while back, and i wouldn't expect it. I would predict Sony to cover server costs for the value-image of PSN.

I would expect Huxley to have a monthly fee because it's more of an MMO, where MAG is more a really big FPS.

As far as comparing MAG to Huxley, MAG will have bigger (and possibly more structured) battles, but Huxley has the MMO elements with non-battle areas containing thousands of players. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

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Droid Control3807d ago

Wasn't this supposed to be a 360 launch game orginally?

OMG, this'll probably end up being a 720 launch game!
That and Alan Wake.

-MD-3807d ago

No it was never a 360 launch games it was supposed to come out on the pc back in 2006-07 but got pushed back.

The 360 version has always been set to release 6 months after the PC version drops.

mastiffchild3807d ago

I've been looking forward to both MAG and Huxley for what seems like ages now(well, in Huxleys case it is ages)and while I was disappointed to see the battle numbers gimped in Hexley the game still has potential and is very different from what MAG proposes to do.

I was hoping that it would remain free to play for 360 owners as paying for it, plus Live, plus your ISP is asking quite a bit for something console owners aren't used to(MMO-monthly fees etc). I'd like the 360 version NOT to be the country cousin either and the only sacrifice they should make is in the nubers-otherwise the experiebce beeds to be practically identical to succeed. I know it's had issues but I'm still hopeful I'll be able to play both Huxley and MAG on console by years end. Honestly I'd be a bit sad to have to go to PC to play Huxley.

blackpanther253807d ago

well don't get your hopes up. Webezen said that they are focusing on the PC mainly. The 360 version and every other mmo they own is on hold because they lost a lot of money. So they are hoping to make back a lot of cash from huxley:dystopia

Pootangpie3807d ago

And to be honest I could care for neither simply due to the fact that WE HAVE VERY LITTLE INFO ABOUT BOTH GAMES!!! other then the fact that huxley is a MMOFPS and mag has 256 players seriously so me some screenshots and then will talk

evrfighter3807d ago

wtf huxley has screenshots from early builds and where its at now up the hoohaw. Don't know about mag cuz I really don't care for a huxley-lite but if you want screenshots for huxley...

Qui-Gon Jim3806d ago

Huxley lite? Huxley has non-combat cities that will hold thousands of players, but the battles themselves will be smaller (120 in Huxley, 256 in MAG).

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