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Mucudadada3814d ago

I'll go ahead and say it. Most Badass Console Box Ever.

FamilyGuy3814d ago

climbing the PS3 on the box, like it were a huge building.

theEnemy3814d ago

makes Awesome box art for the PS3 bundles.

Wait till you see God of War 3 bundle.


TheBand1t3814d ago

Then you've never seen the Killzone 2 box.

locos853814d ago

These look too nice to be fake. The infamous bundle just makes me want to buy another PS3, that sh!t is nice.

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Bazookajoe_833814d ago

Maybe not my two first choices but definetley two games i would like to have :-)

FamilyGuy3814d ago

i just realized. By doing this they are MAKING inFAMOUS a "System Seller"


They know they've struck gold with the game already and this bundle proves it.

The Quest for Booty bundle is questionable unless it releases at $300 or lower and is marketed towards casual gamers or something :/

Alcon3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

On my game stores website, they announced the Q4B pack, but I did not see anything about inFamous.
Btw. the Q4B pack costs 399 Euros (rip off) and you get: PS3console DD 80 GB + 2 Dualschock 3 + Ratchet Booty

Edit: The dualshock 3 costs 60 Euros here(compared with the highest priced Xbox controler who is at 46 Euros lol). Maybe thats why they kept the 399 Euros mark (even though I think they should have lowerd the price if you only get Q4B)

Note: small info for our american friends: 399E = 545$ ; 60E = 82$ ; 46E = 63$

TheBand1t3814d ago

Man, y'all get shafted with video game prices.

Alcon3814d ago

Yes we do lol
inFamous will cost 70Euros here (thats 95 $). Its just crazy.
(well allmost all new games here from the XBox or PS3 are between 60 and 70 Euros)

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Automat3814d ago

Quest for booty? That game takes three hours to complete.. and isn't exactly brand new. They should at least add ToD.

dylandurden3814d ago

The one with Quest for Booty is lame, but the second pad compensates.

The inFamous bundle is simply gorgeous.

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The story is too old to be commented.