A Visual History of Duke Nukem Forever

One of the defining things about the development of Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) was the often interminable wait between any information about the game. It really is depressing to realise that DNF started life using the Quake II engine, which seems so incredibly primitive in an age of CryEngine and Unreal Engine 3. It then swapped to Unreal, then the Unreal Tournament codebase, then allegedly an in-house engine, before landing back on a modified Unreal engine.

This, alone, provides a fascinating look into the evolution of 3D gaming. The trailers and screenshots released over the years often show the same areas in vastly different ways. What is most fascinating now was that each time new screens were released, they showed cutting edge visuals for the time. In hindsight, the low polygon counts, over-dramatic lens flare, simplistic environments, and low-res textures of the early shots look bad – but they serve to illustrate just how much has happened in the meantime.

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Bob Dole3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

There should have been 3 games by now... all we get is crappy videos...

F*ck.. Sh*T... C0CK-AYYUS!!

Nathan1233808d ago

Boy the graphic sure looked crap during those days... The first video looks so cheap... Playing KZ2 and Crysis has spoilt me, but one should really check the graphical advancement in 10 years.... Don't know how games will look like after 10 years!!!

Anyways, 3D realms sure made Duke a laughing stock. I loved the first game.... I finished my school.. college... have a job... and still no Duke :-(
The gaming industry moved on but the guys at 3D realms didn't... In the search of perfection.... scrapping plans and changing engines, they lost the track of time and money. Feels bad to see potential go down the drain.

Bye Bye Duke... Rest In Peace... Hope you have lots of bubble gum to chew up there.

Andras843808d ago

I wanted to play this game really really bad. Especialy after seeing the latest video.