Pain gets Blu-Rayed

ButtonMasher writes: It isn't a new game but for those of us viewing this website that don't have the internet this is good news. Sony have announced that Pain will be released on Blu-Ray this June in all PAL regions. The disc based release will include three environments as well as 15 characters and 2 new game modes which along with the new maps should provide the extra something that was missing from the original PSN version.

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SonyOwnsNextYear4079d ago

everything i stated would happen this year, has become reality to the t.

LOL, the mods are funny in this site. but, more importantly where are all the 360 fanboys? OH, thats right, playing halo2.5, the only exclusive the 360 has.
LOL, thats funny, cuz i predicted they would disappear from this site because of ps3 ...but i never would have thought they would still be playing h2.5 because of lack of next gen games.

peeps4079d ago

are you lost? have a feeling your replying to the wrong article..?

Sangria4079d ago

If it's not more than 20€, it may be a good deal.

Bnet3434079d ago

If you buy this game, you're an idiot.

redsquad4079d ago

I already have PAIN with the Amusement Park and Movie Studio add-ons, but it may be worth getting on disc if it's cheap enough and has a few extra goodies.

It's a great little game - Absolutely bonkers and hilarious to see the characters 'ooch-ing' about. Sad as I am, I always use "Tati" in the catapult and try to get her in compromising positions when she lands...

peeps4079d ago

bought pain a while back. can't say i'm a fan tbh :/

Nineball21124079d ago

I'm with you there. It was fun for about a day and then I just realized that there are many more interesting games to spending my time on.

The trophies they added to the game were just crazy difficult too.

And with all the characters / add-ons it started to feel like one big DLC scheme.

micro_invader4079d ago

Indeed, I felt a bit ripped off that we only get one map and, 2 characters and a gamemode(if I remember correctly) with the base game. Crazy amount of add-ons that I felt weren't worth it. Played it for less than a day and then deleted it.

jay24079d ago

So we get the add ons right?

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