The 10 Hottest Wii Games of 2010

Gameplayer writes: "Ahhh Nintendo! Teacher, mother, secret lover... Disturbing Freudian slips aside, all of the Wii faithful among you should still have your voice set to 'rejoice' as the console is now entering the third year of its global domination tour. That's right folks, three full years of waggle – and here we are without shares in a company that manufactures arthritis cream and/or Wii-injury preventing helmets..."

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Sucks2BU3812d ago

After last year's debacle, will Nintendo make one last play at keeping the hardcore gamers interested or settle on being a toy?

Myst3812d ago

+Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal bearers
+Monster Hunter Tri~
+(Maybe) Tales of Grace -- Never really heard of it until now

Overall this summer is shaping out good, I just wish that Monster Hunter Tri~ would come out here this summer.

Myst3812d ago

Haha, probably so. Can't hurt though to ask for it still :)