Rumor: White DualShock 3 In Stores Now?

After news about a silver DualShock 3 hitting stores in June, Sony decide to surprise us by releasing a white DualShock 3 without our knowledge.

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meepmoopmeep3807d ago

i got mine as a Christmas gift the first holiday it was out.

xyz1893807d ago

Even if it is true I won't get it anyways.

It doesn't match my PS3

Myst3807d ago

I hope this is true, I have been holding out for the white one for sometime. Especially since I'm the only one amongst my friends with a sixaxis still. Wanted to have mix-match controllers, and for now it's either the white or silver. Doesn't matter which but I'll probably end up getting this.

Alcohog3806d ago

Got mine in November of '07...