Now SEGA Favors the 360 Too?

The Don @ Gamingvice:

"So earlier today, I was checking out the latest gaming info and found another instance where the 360 gets a series of games exclusively, or at least as a timed exclusive. This time, it was SEGA with Phantasy Star II, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Altered Beast, Comix Zone and Shinobi while the PS3 and 360 both get Gunstar Heroes. ::yawn::"

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Darkiewonder3808d ago

Or just buy the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection =)

You Already Know3808d ago

check out the article...I explain why I want these and haven't purchased the Ultimate SEGA Genesis Collection....

ExcelKnight3808d ago

Pretty sure we don't know what level of HD they're giving the games. They could be the Backbone HD "touch ups" with network capabilities. Since it was never mentioned, we just don't know.

They only pull any of the games would have is online play, but I've already cleared those same games alone and with friends.

At least Gunstar Heroes is finally being released. It should have been in the collection, but I'll settle for a $5 port on PSN/XBLA.

lokiroo4203808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Dude posting your own article is lame, but it is befitting of the lame title you gave, wii's virtual console has how many sega games? who loves who? and by too, who else do you mean or is that to incite panic? fail!


I wouldnt call a blur lens hd either, these games arent getting new graphics bra. widescreen genesis is still genesis. your fanboy stealth has faded, grab your warranty and wait for it, its coming. yeah i read it, I guess its an article because its some sentences strung together. I guess this is an article that I am writing right now. where do i submit it, can I link to a comment on an article on n4g. Really that is all your "article" is, a fanboy rant where you get to slight the console that you dont like. high five, very nice!

You Already Know3808d ago

I post the artciles for our site ahaha....why wouldn't I post mine?..the logic there is way off...

also...I wasn't aware that the Wii offered HD.....and if you read the article (gasp) you would know what I was talking about...

you might call the headline for my article lame...but judging an article by the headline...that's really lame..

3808d ago
FlameBaitGod3808d ago

You Already know..... hes a fan boy lol. yeah ill pay 10 bucks for this game oh wait i can have the collection one with all the Sega games for 21 bucks ? Hmm which is better

Darkiewonder3808d ago

The "HD" will be the same just as the genesis Collection with their really crappy filter and vaseline look! But whatever you want I guess. It's your money =)

sonarus3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles highest rated JRPG says hi:D

3808d ago
Baka-akaB3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Please give it up , the article is just silly ...
Is sega redrawing all animations and sprites for those games in hi res 2d ?
No ... so it's not even hd , its the same thing bloated with filters so it doesnt looks like crap on an hdtv , yet ends up looking worse . And you call yourself an HD whore ?

Remind me of some so called hd freaks buing some crappy hd remaster of some old classic anime that do looks worse than other versions , because they becomes blurry and loses most of the characters details

ZuperAmazingCooKie3808d ago

Valkyria Chronicles, Two Yakuza Games, Virtua Fighter timed exclusivity on PS3, and all of the franchises that made it to 360 in its launch window have made it to PS3 except Chromehounds which didn't fare very well anyway.

A bunch of old games that are already available on disc shouldn't mean much. Eventually those games might arrive on PSN, perhaps they are waiting to incorporate them to a potential Home Space. Maybe it's easier to port them and upload them to Xbox LIVE, perhaps it's cheaper to do so too considering the fees Sony has started to charge developers for PSN use.

Not very newsworthy.

Christopher3808d ago

Uh.. you do know that the games on the Sega Genesis Collection have had their graphics updated for HD viewing. They're not HD quality, but they were updated. So... guess what, they'll be getting the exact same thing on XBLA.

heroicjanitor3808d ago

I'm getting sick of it why do people who write these articles think that if they give biased impressions people will buy their console? It's only fanboys with your console who stand there shouting yeah yeah go 360/ps3 while the rest of the world looks on in bemusement and wonders what the fひck you are doing.

Silver3603807d ago

Sony is charging for downloads by the gigabyte MS isn't. Story done.

Darkiewonder3807d ago

The money you're paying for Live IS the money they use for bandwidth cost.

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Spike473808d ago

I really wanted that Sonic game, this is killer!

/end sarc

dericb113808d ago

I really think they like the way Xbox Live Arcade is.
I mean PS3 gets the retail realeases like VC and Yakuza.
360 gets 16-Bit remakes. From the look of it I say PS3
is getting the better support.

STARS3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Yeah, SEGA obviously favors Xbox 360 over PS3. That's why two of their best games this gen, Valkyria Chronicles and Yakuza 3 are both exclusive to 360, oh wait...

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