Unheard of: The Best PS2 Ninja Games

It came from the shadows, and to the shadows it shall return. Here are the best ninja games on the PlayStation 2.

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Rikimaru-0015d ago

games likes these are a dead, what a shame.

Kakashi Hatake15d ago

Everyone is focused on open world unfortunately 😒 2000s had some of the best games in general. Just enough depth that you don't have to sign your life away to complete a game.

isarai15d ago

Seriously, I miss classic character action hack n slash games. Now everything is either huge open world gruel or a souls-like, often both.

Dandalandan11715d ago

Ikr? I would love a new Tenchu game.
It doesn't need to be a big budget with epic scope or other BS. Just a fun game like before with updated graphics and some quality of life improvements.

isarai14d ago

I'm hoping the success of armored core they'll be more inclined to revisit Tenchu as it really showed that a smaller scope game with a tight refined experience can be a success as well as the huge complex open RPG affairs. Still bums me out that Sekiro started as a new Tenchu, but they changed their mind halfway through development.

Relientk7715d ago

Man what I'd give for a new Tenchu game

Furesis14d ago

you almost did get one but instead u got Sekiro (Great game)
maybe next time

jznrpg14d ago

Sekiro is nice consolation for sure. But still would like Tenchu

Z50114d ago (Edited 14d ago )

*ARAGAMI 1 and 2 for a current fix

**Wrath of Heaven is probably the greatest ninja/stealth game ever.

Shinobi was okay. Your sword drained your health. So you had to constantly keep moving. You couldn't take your time to even explore or even breath. Nightshade rectified this.

RaiderNation566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

Gunstar Heroes was made by Treasure. I'm not sure if that IP actually belongs to Sega. If it does, the ONLY modern day developer that I think would do that game justice is Housemarque. Maybe Sega could collaborate with Sony to let them make a modern day Gunstar Heroes. I definitely think Shinobi and Afterburner need modern day remakes though.

I feel like there are stronger Sega IP's than some of the ones that were listed such as...

Vector Man
Comix Zone
Virtual On
Ranger X
Jet Set Radio
Eternal Champions

sourOG566d ago

A new eternal champions would be sick

TimelessDbz565d ago

Phantasy star Online 1 and Phantasy star universe.

Mopes565d ago

Sadly I think that is unlikely because of Phantasy Star Online 2

FlavorLav01565d ago

Totally agreed. That’s a good start. Here’s a few more I think would covert well.

Virtua Fighter
Fighting Vipers
Sonic Adventure
Altered Beast
Shenmue (properly supported)

sourOG566d ago

Condemned criminal origins!

Snookies12565d ago

Amazing series, wish more people had known about it back in the day!

sourOG565d ago

Probably still my favorite horror game of all time. I’ve been into that kind of shit my whole life so I don’t scare easy but condemned got me. When you’re looking down a hallway and see people peaking out. The heart was kicking lmao.

I need to play it again. I played a year or 2 ago and it still held up. Graphics are obviously dated but just the premise. Like pulling pipes off of the wall and shit. You don’t see that anymore. I’d take the same game with a new can of paint, it still feels good. Multiplat remaster do it. I don’t think criminal origins ever came to PlayStation.

ZelTroidVania565d ago

As hard as it was, the Shinobi remake that came out on PS2 was decent. But yes, a new remake would be great. Always loved that series.

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