PES 09 vs PES 2010 visual comparison

PSU shows off the visual difference from last years Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 to this year's upcoming PES 2010.

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MUNKYPOO3813d ago

maybe using mgs4 engine for this or something close

Marcelles253813d ago


news4noobs3813d ago

please stop trying to fool gamers with this crap. pes is standing so far offside with their outdated game engine, crappy animations and balloon ball physics.

FIFA is for a reason one of best selling titles year by year. by now even the dumbest pes fanboys should have noticed this.

JokerSGS3813d ago

Actually PES plays more like real soccer. It always lacks in graphics and amount of clubs and players but when it comes down to basics, its PES. Fifa 09 is great though and I bought it, but when you can take C. Ronaldo and run down the side and use tricks to get past the team to score, or use the lobbed through pass, and get the ball to your player hit the right stick forward and be on an open break. The one I think is really good are the tricks(although unrealistic and unnecessary and the shooting, which is a lot better and sooo much fun when you master it.

xxBATTLECATxx3813d ago

while i do love Fifa 09 and have put around 100 hours into it. the stupid manchester U and Barca fans online kill it for me. its always an open break goal with eto o and cristiano when i play those teams. when i play with mid level teams its like some kids are playing football for the first time because theyre break away tricks dont work anymore. i really hate that and wish they would fix the unbalanced mess

peeps3812d ago

used to be a pro fan, last year i changed and bought fifa 09. pro has gone down hill recently (mainly since it's moved to the current gen consoles imo)

Hopefully the series will get back up to speed soon but at this rate looks like fifa 2010 for me

table3812d ago

I still play pes4 and pes5, pes4 being the best game in the series. I've always liked the freedom of ball movement you get in pes. FIFA feels like the ball is on a string and has pre-set animations all over the pitch. Havn't liked fifa since the 98 world cup game and the SEGA fifa games.

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