Seb Downie Annouces Killzone 2 Patch 1.27

From the offcial PlayStation Forums:

"Patch 1.27 is well under way and will be released a little later this month. It is a pretty sizable patch with some exciting features. More on that later on when we get closer to releasing it. There is also a lot of server related maintenance coming with that and a lot of other things still in the works. (DLC 2 anyone?) But more on that later.

So, behave yourselves and a press-release with the changes in patch 1.27 will be released when a date and time for release has been agreed upon with all regions."

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Nambassa3814d ago

gr8. another patch!! MAN I LOVE THIS GAME!!

UnwanteDreamz3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Yep its nice to see the support. Hope they are ramping up for the next DLC I got my fingers crossed that we will see it at E3 and that it will be more than 2 maps.

I know they said think retro but I want maps and weapons or new game modes.

jaysquared3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Wish we they can stop patching this game and just work on KZ3.. They need as much time as they can get with KZ3.. It took them 5 years to get KZ2 out and it didn't even have offline/online splitscreen multiplayer a party system for friends.. Seriously they need to just start working on KZ3 and hopefully they get it right this time!

WhittO3814d ago

i havent play K2 in a couple of weeks !!

Its a fantastic game but i just never got used to the online, it just seemed to "clunky" and laggy (not gameplay lag but in terms of menus etc).
Every game is either like 30 min long which get very boring and repetetive or they just turn into a granade-fest !

Still has one of the best SP campaigns though, great to re-play that.

Nineball21123814d ago

@ 1.2

LOL... that's all I can say.

GG has earned my respect with the attention to details and the continued support of a fantastic game.

KZ2 has grown on me (no, not like a fungus!) and I find that I've been spending most of my gaming time playing it. The online is just insane at times...

And even though I prefer to play the maps without the rockets... even with them, it's still a blast (pun intended).

Nambassa3814d ago

can't wait til the party system. its the main thing lacking in killzone 2. well that and some co-op. hopefully killzone 3 will have some sort of co-operative modes.

Ju3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

@whitto, I figured for me, that "lag" is very dependent on the weapon I choose. Actually, I feel comfortable with the ISA assault rifle, and the Magnum. I get this "laggy" feeling with the other weapons, for some odd reason, but I like the subtle differences of each. You can tell, that the Helgan riffle is the same as ISA, but not as precise but has more punch on the short range (that said, I can play that gun, too, but its not my favorite). Its quite impressive how they could capture this feeling in the game. And for the frag fests, well, try to join games without grenade or rocket launchers. They are definitively better to play. They should however add a info page to each game, so you can actually read if RL or so is on or off.

DK_Kithuni_713814d ago

Goddamnit. How hard can it be? No teams please. I want to kill you all!

Kleptic3814d ago

^^Seb stated a while ago that an FFA mode may eventually come...they were testing it with limited classes; and the general consensus is that a mode with rifleman only, but just straight deathmatch may eventually come out...we'll see...

a lot of people want it...but most class shooters like this, all the way back to RTCW...never have simply doesn't work with the map design, and completely unbalances the class system (everyone would go would just be quake III with better graphics...nobody really wants that)...

but put up a patch that has ffa with new spawn spots, and randomly spawn at any of them (can't be that hard to patch)...and just force everyone to be a rifleman...that could be a blast on certain maps with enough players...

WhittO3813d ago

Ye i think if they had an info page for each game (like Warhawk does on the right when searching through games), it would solve ALOT of problems.

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Nambassa3814d ago

i hope new classes r saved for killzone 3. personally i dnt think we need any more classes for killzone 2. can anyone think of some good ideas for another class in kz3? we could tell GG. lol

Leogamer3814d ago

Ya know, Killzone 2 was my biggest disappointments of the year when it came to Multiplayer. To my dismay, Killzone 2 forces you to play the game the way it WANTS to. I mean 30 min. matches only? There's no, 'Free for all'? No, 'Capture the flag?' No, 'Team Deathmatch only'? No, cooperative gameplay?. Nothing? Nada...What a major disappointment when I popped this baby in my PS3. Talk about one hell of a gimp game. Instead, I got my copy collecting dust after I finished the single player campaign, while COD 4 & 5 still gets its normal rotation of gameplay daily. Lately I been playing capture the flag a lot on COD 5, which is freaking very addicting. Now why can't the developers implement that on Killzone 2. The long stretch out levels in this game is perfect to play capture the flag. But no, sorry kiddo, you play the game the way only guerrilla want you to play the game. Bull#hit!!!


Traveler3814d ago

I'm the exact opposite. I used to be a big COD4 player, but now I am addicted to Killzone 2 multiplayer and I haven't played COD4 in a while. Well, I did pop it in a while ago, but I am mostly playing Killzone 2.

Bolts3814d ago

Agree. KZ 2 is total awesome sauce. There are game modes built into every map and the 30 mins round buffer farming and stats whoring. This is the only console game I know that managed to bring the PC style frag fest and chaos of battle to the console, which I didn't think is even possible.

Anyone of you clowns ever play a 32 player CoD 4 game on the PC? Its like the same thing in Killzone 2, but only with more structure and a little bit more space. This is the only console FPS that doesn't leave me wanting for the PC version. Unlike say, CoD 4 or Halo. Killzone 2 does everything right all on the console. Not sure how its possible but it is.

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chidori6663814d ago

i cant wait for see the olds maps of kz1 in the retro pack.

Fishy Fingers3814d ago

Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing how the new engine handles different settings from KZ2. Vegetation etc.

UnwanteDreamz3814d ago

Agreed, I want to see the engine do some plants. Not because it fits in the scope of KZ2 but because I think they will look sweet.

LinuxGuru3814d ago

mmmmmm.....Killzone 2 plants...


UnwanteDreamz3814d ago

I want snow so that I may write my name in it.

Yellow Snow FTW!

Eagle9163813d ago

I use 2 have KZ1 on my ps2 but i never played it online because that was before i was into online gaming and it was also when i only had dial up internet. So to me those retro maps will be as new as those on Killzone 3:) I cant wait!

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OmarJA3814d ago

Disagrees ? hopeless people can't play this masterpiece.

Nambassa3814d ago

as if thats gonna be in a patch coming out this month. lol but one should always wish for this kinda thing. hopefully GG are listening. CO-OP CO-OP!! (for kz3)

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