GameFocus: Leisure Suit Larry : Box Office Bust Review

GameFocus writes: "During Activision's merging with Vivendi last year, intellectual properties like Brutal Legend, Ghostbusters, Riddick, Wet and Leisure Suit Larry became orphans. Codemasters picked up Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust and I must say I'm a fan of Codemasters and applauded their will to continue to expand its catalogue of games that included a few misunderstood but surprisingly good games like Overlord, Jericho and Rise of the Argonauts. Now that the game is out, can we say that Codemasters made a good move?"


+ Visual style
+ Clever missions and mini-games


- Unbalanced controls and lack of execution kills the gameplay
- Bad voice-over work, poor soundtrack music
- Sexual-innuendo jokes are extremely corny and unfunny
- Ugly character models, unpolished textures
- Not even the low price tag could save this game
- Close of being a total waste of a rental
- A deadly "blow" to the franchise's future

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