Battlestations: Pacific Trailer Released

Eidos Interactive has released the official launch trailer for the upcoming WWII title, Battlestations: Pacific.

The game, which goes on sale in the US tomorrow and across Europe on 15 May, allows gamers to play as either the US or the Japanese, potentially re-writing history depending on the outcome of their missions.

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Fyzzu3811d ago

Hopefully it's a bit better than Midway was. Not that it was a bad game, it just had lots of components, none of which really stood out.

thetamer3811d ago

I think I'm going to take the skies, then dive to the depths of the sea. Mmmmm, sexual.

Malfurion3811d ago

Heard a lot about this game, all good so far.

SCFreelancer3811d ago

Looking at the screenshot at least the action is good :)

Medievaldragon3811d ago

Damn, never seen a game with so many bullets, and missiles across the screen.

Chubear3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

lol, you dont' have a PS3 do you lol Also remember, this is a trailer meant to excite you as much as possible too.

Sad thing is, this game is way better and a tonne more innovative than the likes of Halo wars but it won't even sell 1/5th what halo wars did nor have the critical acclaim bathed on halowars. Sad indeed.

OC_MurphysLaw3811d ago

If they managed to fix some of the issues of the first game then this game will rock in terms of RTS / Action games. It really is a very unique blend of action and RTS. It was a bit overwhelming in the first game. I almost wish they had seperated the game types and made it like a Madden game where you had the "career" mode where all you had to do was be in the action and then an overall "war" mode where all you did was command.

Either way..I will pick this one up.

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