Battlefield 2 1.50 Beta Version 2 is Go

EA and DICE have just released the second beta patch (1.50) for Battlefield 2 that changes some items and reverts a few more (jump to prone delay, choppers on Highway Tampa).

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evrfighter3808d ago

Trying to win back some pc fans with the 1.5 patch. My guess is they're buttering us up for bad company 2 and 1943. Hopefully a bf3 announcement for pc.

For those that don't remmeber. EA was very heavily critisized for the amount of support on bf2. From the booster packs that failed horribly, The nerfing of many vehicles and guns that really didn't need to be nerfed. Though some things needed fixing like the inflight blackhawk repair spam. To the patches to fix patches.

The ranked servers which ultimately began to phase out private owned servers which led to many many very good user maps go un-noticed pissed off a lot of server owners. user maps are a good thing if you've played cs you'll know what I'm talking about.

I don't care so much now about bf2 so I guess I'll give them another chance with their new games. This was however the reason why I waited a very long time to purchase 2142. I didn't want to support a company that didn't support it's community. If you check a lot of people felt the same as 2142 didn't have as much of an impact as bf2 did. This is the difference between pc gamers and console gamers. Console gamers will happily buy crap and dev's took notice.

Th3 Chr0nic3808d ago

i got bf2 on launch day and i still think it is one of the funnest FPS ever but their launch was horrible. it took them like 2 patches to get the server browser and menues to respond in less than 5 minutes between each click of the mouse. i got fed up and didnt plkay for 3months till it was patched. after that was fixed i loved it. havent played in a looongtime. might give it another try.