More Splinter Cell Double Agent Pics

Ubisoft released today some more images of the Xbox 360 version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent.

FamoAmo6186d ago

This game looks great. A couple of the screens look like art work? But anyway can't wait for this one the Splinter Cell series is one of my favs!!

Cyclonus6186d ago

and those are actual gameplay shots-and before any PS3 [email protected] chime in, there IS NO HUD in this game.

And unlike MGS: Matrix, this game doesn't need to wash the screen in green to hide bad textures.

ACE6186d ago

another gr8 game on the 360 ,,,,,

the pictures look amazing ,,, i havent seen the ps3 turn anything close to this quality ,,,,

lol and if it does come to the ps3 then they prob would have to water it down lol!!

achira6186d ago

have you tomatos on the eyes ? the graphic gets worser and worser when new screenshots arrive. this game has no chance against MGS4. only another fps, boooooring. this game comes to the ps3 too, but who wants it to have when there are far better games ?

Marriot VP6186d ago

ohh you mean the MGS4 cutscenes, the not ingame stuff. Dream on and until MGS4 releases some ingame videos I'm not giving it any support.

Cyclonus6186d ago

SC isn't an FPS, you idiot chimp. And it sh!ts all over MUGS4....thats why Snake commits suicide; he's distraught over being a PS3 game.

OutLaw6186d ago

I agree with Paul, all I saw so far from MGS4 is cutscenes. I haven't seen that game in action to say it's better than Splinter Cell double agent

achira6186d ago

outlaw you are principle right, but even MSG3 will be better, surely not graphicly. but it will have better gameplay and better ideas, than this game.

TheMART6186d ago

Achira well that's interesting.

Where did you play the game to say gameplay is better and it has better ideas? Tell me.

If not and you have links on the internet put them here please. With facts, not with Sony lies

FamoAmo6186d ago

MGS4 is competing with GOW not Splinter cell!! Let me say a quote from a media guy at E3 "After just playing the first level in GOW I can honestly say its gonna blow MGS4 out of the water"....And thats the real deal!! Don't compare 1 of PS's best titles to splinter cell.. You can compare to GOW OR H3 but then you ain't got sh!t to say!

FamoAmo6186d ago

PREY will have better gameplay then MGS4.. That releases July 11th in the US and after 11 years of development it's gonna wreck sh!t including MGS4!!

Grown Folks Talk6186d ago

a fps to sony fans? can you not see? oblivion...fps, mass effect...fps, lost odysee...fps, alan wake...fps, star trek legacy...fps, marvel: ultimate alliance...fps, ect, ect, ect. let me break it down so you understand. first person means you see what the character sees. so if it's first person, you can't see the character on the screen (unlike sam fisher) you see what they see if you were there. if splinter cell is a fps, then mgs4 is a fps. 1 last time, first person, can't see the character, 3rd person, can see the character, over the shoulder, can see most of the character. do we all understand now?

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pRo loGic II6186d ago

achira MGS4 will have better gameplay to you as it is you're opinion my opinion is, hiding in boxes and playing with fuced up camera angles is stupid.

Sphinx6186d ago

Hiding in boxes... in the newest one, Snake will make a fort out of the boxes, some chairs, and some bed sheets!

MISSY E6186d ago

You forgot about the beeping?!?! and the booping ?!!?!, (?) marks over peoples heads.

Bill Gates I Am6186d ago

Release day, I'll be there, first in line, kickin' ass and takin' names Sam Fisher style.


dfb19776186d ago

Big fan of this series and the new story sounds awesome. Can't wait

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