Treyarch better then Infinity Ward?

According to the top 100 game developers, is Treyarch 7th of the world and Infinity Ward 8th. The calculation behind these positions are 1. Sales, 2. Critical Success and 3. Industry Standing. This is how the top 10 looks like:

1: Blizzard.
2: Nintendo.
3: Rockstar North.
4: EA Canada.
5: Capcom.
6: Ubisoft Montreal.
7: Treyarch.
8: Infinity Ward.
9: Epic Games.
10: Besthesda Softworks.

More information through the link, but what is your opinion about this top 10? Does Treyarch have the right to be above Infinity Ward?

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Syphled3807d ago

Infinity Ward is the godfather of Call of Duty! No way that Treyarch are better then them!

The Matrix3807d ago

1st of all of course this list is BS. Insomniac should be # 1. Second of all, Treyarch has made a lot more games than infinity ward (i.e. most every spiderman game to come out). That is probalby their justification for the leapfrog over infinity.

Alcohog3807d ago

No. Apparently they haven't compared COD1, 2, and 4 to its sh***y spinoffs by Treyarch.

TooL 3163807d ago

This list is bologna, no way is treyarch better than Infinity ward.

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