Will Mass Effect 2 be another swagger jacking of a MS-DOS Classic?

Marcus L of AnalogHype writes: Let me preface that this article is not for the fan boys of Mass Effect. I know, however, that they will flock to defend it. I only address the New School Gamer, the one that appreciates quality and avoids the hype presented by the industry. That being said, I don't want to take away from the Sci-Fi aspect that Mass Effect presented to this generation of consoles. Being the first of its kind this generation, we know it's going to have its down sides, and we also know there is nothing new under the sun, but when does swagger jacking come into play?

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Christopher3812d ago

Let me get this straight, the game that was praised highly for it's action gameplay and storytelling is being written in an unfavorable manner because it didn't allow you to explore every single planet in the galaxy like a game from 1993 did? Seriously?

Oh, and the graphics from Protostar were used as the base for Mass Effect? Seriously? Did Protostar then steal from Star Trek: The Next Generation? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but white interiors of a 'space station' started many years before either, and it's just a common thing to do since people have seen it so often.

Sorry, but what a horrible article, just horrible. Great, you loved a game fom the past based on space travel, and yeah, there are similarities (aliens + planets + white interiors), but that's where it ends.

caesar843812d ago

why are articles immediately horrible because you dont approve? i gave nothing but praise to the story writing of mass. Drew Karpyshyn is that dude for carrying Mass with the depth of the story. does it not bother you that a game this gen was so highly praise for what looked to be unfinished.

Christopher3812d ago

It wasn't unfinished. Do you really think that exploration was their goal with the game? If so, you might want to go back and replay it. The fact that you gave praise for the story doesn't matter since you then continue to ignore the main point of the game in order to force a horrible comparison to another game.

The article is horrible because you're trying to force an ill-conceived comparison of one game to another.

Game A is about exploration in space.

Game B is about roleplaying a character who is trying to do what he or she thinks is good for the Human race and capture a rogue alien who could destroy every living thing as he or she knows it. Hey, look, if you're bored, you can waste your time looking at these other planets, but it's going to be freaking easy to max out all of your money without having to do that just by selling items.

Your analysis of these two games is like comparing GTA games to Police Quest. There are similarities between them (they both have a good amount of driving based gameplay), but there is no defining element from either that can be appropriately compared since they are so different from each other, and even the driving portions are different in their implementation and purpose.

caesar843812d ago

Dope sh!t with the Police Quest jab. LOL. But all I'm saying is the first mass left me as a gamer wanting more. Lots more. And the similarities were extremely uncanny. I'm sure you read the entire article by now and you know that I not throwing shots at Mass Effect....completely. I just want the Sequel to give me all the options they proclaimed to be on the first. Do you recall DLC for more planets for exploration being spoken of? If exploration wasnt a necessary aspect, why opt for DLC for more planets? What reason would I want to go to a planet with nothing there?

Exploration wasnt the primary genre of Protostar. Its genre was adventure. Consisting of a story and yes also space exploration.

xyxzor3812d ago

Mass Effect was a very buggy unfinished product. The side planets sucked. There was no bartering basically. There was so much wrong with the game. I hate it and love it at the same time.