EA showcases 24 titles at Pre-E3 Event

Filling out two massive lobbies and a handful of demo rooms Thursday at its Los Angeles Studios, Electronic Arts showcased 24 games in preparation for the June 2009 Electronic Entertainment Exposition event.

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Diselage5021d ago

Quite a line up but i doubt it's enough to steal the show. EA titles need a new excitement about them or they're always going to seem like they're just pushing rehashed crap out.

II Necroplasm II5021d ago

I'm sure they will be big on Fight Night Round 4 before it's released. Hope the demo is out soon.

Diselage5021d ago

Hopefully, the demo last time was the main reason i got the game day one.

Downtown boogey5021d ago

And NOT in a good sense

II Necroplasm II5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

Yeah same here, I played the FNR3 demo at wal mart lol

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GameGambits5021d ago

Not a game listed I want to buy day one, but will def. get around to renting Dead Space Extraction.

Even Madden feels so played out to me at this point. What more can you really do other than add better graphics at this point?

EA is going to have troubling times soon enough if they don't invest in finding more Dead Space gold titles.

sinncross5021d ago

Whoa I never knew that Battlefield 1943 was seeing a PSP release.

JJFNIGHTS805021d ago

All they going to show is nothing bout another year of MADDEN, NBA, TIGER WOODS, NHL ECT. ALL sports games, and still nothing good or new for me to play from EA.