CyberConnect2 working on new PS3 exclusive

CyberConnect2, the development studio behind the .hack and Naruto Ninja Storm series, is working on a new Playstation 3 project.

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Berserk13813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

GOD DO I LOVE CyberConnect2 GAMES.

Another AAA exclusive for ps3.

3813d ago
rockleex3812d ago

Or Ultimate Ninja Storm... including the 2D sidescrolling battles AND the fully 3D battles!!! >:D

Plus, they better make sure the story goes all the way to Shippuuden! It should also include all the characters that have ever been released throughout their Naruto games.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3812d ago

-synchronized ougi's like in accel 4.
-Ability to equip more than one jutsu
-More fleshed out campaign with those same epic cutscenes.
-Online multiplayer.

menoyou3812d ago

I hope its a Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm game that focuses on multiplayer/online.

SaiyanFury3812d ago

I loved Ultimate Ninja Storm. The game was a complete blast to play and the Ultimate Jutsus were awesome to behold. If it's a sequel to the first Storm, I'd gladly get it. Maybe sometime they can work on a Shippuuden game in the future.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3813d ago

Still the best looking cel-shaded game of this generation by at least one million miles.

3813d ago
KKanjiAnkh3812d ago

the story aspect in mission mode was 100% canon, but the fighting engine was 2nd to none.

They just needed online, a huge roster, that could all be played, instead of just assists, I ain't gripping just saying.

That would be phenomenal to see a BLEACH game, play like NUNS.

Gun_Senshi3812d ago

Yes there is japanese voice selection.

No, you are insulting by saying Ultimate Ninja Storm looks as good as anime, it looks BETTER!

Etseix3812d ago

my vote goes for Valkyrie Chronicles :p

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Sony Rep3813d ago

Either a .Hack game, a new RPG, or Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm 2, which sold rather well...

Panthers3812d ago

The demo for that game was awesome. I love the fast paced button mashing fighting games.

TenSteps3812d ago

but I still want to play as Kirabi, alas it would be a long time before I get that chance.

News4fanboys3812d ago

i wish maruto ultimate ninja storm for ps3 had online,cuz i own at that game and would love to play peeps online.

oh well,its still the most innovative style of fighting in a fighting game EVER so far..
its still incredibly fun and addictive and am super stoked that they are sticking to the ps3 with 2 other games.
i would DEFINENTLY hope for a new .HACK game more so atm.

best visuals and gameplay for a fighting game so far for me.

its a 9/10 for me as i wish it would some way or another add online.

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The story is too old to be commented.