Feed Your Console Review: Ninja Blade

Assume the role of Ken Ogawa and strap on your three swords the "Oni-Slayer", the "Stonerender", and the "Twin Falcon" blades, and don't forget your "Ninjutsu", the elemental Shuriken. Ken's mission is to head deep into the heart of Tokyo and go toe to toe with the highly infectious Alpha-Worms find their nest and exterminate it. Follow the teachings of your teacher, and father, Ken Ogawa who mentors your journey and teaches you the ninja basics.

The visuals in this game are exceptional with highly detailed skylines, burned out buildings and high flying sword fight sequences. Taking you from the roof tops of Tokyo to the street your going to spend a little time everywhere during your journey. You'll even spend some time in a helicopter flying above the city and shooting at flying and strategic ground targets.

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