Full Omnia HD review

One of the strengths of the Omnia HD is its multimedia side. The camera shots 8megapixel pictures that are crisp and bright in all conditions. There are lots of settings and settings for all light conditions and situations. The video recording quality (1280 × 720 pixels) and, although it is a pre-set on our own, the sound and the fluidity of the Video camera is great. Especially valuable is the focus of near objects even when in camera mode.

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dampbuffalo3816d ago

This phone will revolutionize phone gaming because of its built in graphics accelerator

thewhoopimen3815d ago

A phone with an awesome graphics accelerator alone isn't going to "revolutionize" phone gaming. It needs above all things, developer support. Currently only the iPhone seems to have that programming platform and developer support along with a so called, "awesome graphics accelerator" ;)

dampbuffalo3815d ago

True but the OVI store is coming out soon and because of what it offers, many developers will create applications on it. OVI is form the symbian OS which is owned by Nokia (the #1 phone industry in the world). Having their own store with cool features like location based apps and more will not put the IPhone app store into trouble but certainly create competition. Thus the competition will create better apps for both platforms. But because Nokia is more famous all around the world except for "US". Nokia will win! sorry I don't really like the Iphone :)

drewsny3816d ago

i don't know, i just dont like the omnia series. I have now gone through my second omnia i910 because of touch screen failures. They better not make this phone have such a high failure rate as my phones.

mrnjl3816d ago

Sounds promising but I still dont think it had me convinced reading that review, guess I will have to see what the price tag will be over here. Both this and the N97 from what I have read so far still seem a little lackluster than what I was hoping both phones would be like. Guess I will wait until the final reviews for both come in, but at the moment sounds like I will be keeping my old phone until someone brings out the ultimate multimedia touch phone.

dampbuffalo3816d ago

well i'm getting this phone because my n95 just broke and i prefer put the $100 towards this $650 phone. RIP N95

mrnjl3814d ago

just read another preview. It sounding pretty good on the multimedia side of things... just worried about web browsing and the interface in general. Im in Australia so Im hoping to pay around the $1000AUD for this phone. anymore and im going to have to pass (HTC HD was like $1500AUD over here ..ouch..thats 2 PS3`s and 3 games)