The Darkfall Debacle

Gamer Limit writes: "Its no surprise that like in any other industry, that sometimes things flair up and controversies entail. What's interesting though, that in this new media landscape, none of this can be hidden in the backhalls of offices anymore. PR agencies can try all they like, but its usually the passionate players on both ends that turn to the general public to decide who is right, or wrong, in the matter at hand. This is what happened this week in the very public fight between Eurogamer and the developers of new MMO Darkfall."

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Cloud-14093813d ago

Great editorial man. Really interesting read. Arguments shouldnt be taken to the public, thats even more opinions to conflict.

chrisjc3813d ago

I don't mind Darkfall calling them out publicly. Every once in a while, a pompous/unprofessional medium needs to be raked under the coals.

Plus, with such a small company as the people who made Darkfall, what were they supposed to do, just send them a "nice" email?

Fullish3813d ago

It should leave a stain on their credibility at least.

RememberThe3573813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Their credibility is already stained. They post scores to move traffic. That's why I never care what they have to say.

Dimly3813d ago

I had no idea that this occurred. This issue seems like it should have been handled more subtly by those involved.

RememberThe3573813d ago

Eurogamer needs to get called out for their bullsh*t. They've been bullsh*ting their readers for a while now.

I think it's time for a new editor over at Eurogamer.

Max Power3813d ago

more details about this case, in the N4G forums...
There is more information from the Devs side of things. its pretty interesting. Note: there is also more info farther down the thread.

chrisjc3813d ago

This is pretty awful.

First off, giving someone with little to no MMO/Journalistic experience the job of reviewing an MMO (which requires weeks of research), is poor on the Editor's parts.

Second, refusing to retract it, even though they played so little, and whined for help in-game is a pretty sleazy move.

Max Power3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

they (Eurogamer) outsourced this game to a freelance reviewer.

muchenik3812d ago

It is standard practice to have the smallest in house staff that you can afford. Outsourcing your articles and paying a per article price allows for a leaner operating expense and allows these kind of sites to continue to operate.

Now the problem comes down to advertising. Many sites have been hit with bloating game reviews for companies that pay the big banner dollars. Here you have an independent game that got hit without anyone really giving it a chance. But really it comes back to the reviewer saying in his opinion that the game was a 2/10, as an olive branch they may have elected to have a second reviewer do a new review and keep both posted.

Spike473813d ago

I even recieved a beta key but I couldn't open it for some reason. I was going to give it away to one of my clan members but the message was deleted from my inbox. facepalm :(

Baka-akaB3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I find the game quite awful , despite a few good ideas for an hardcore mmo .
However it didnt deserves such a fake and biased review .

Eurogamers is quite dubious in that affair .. they deny everything , refuse to take the review off , yet they propose a new one ?

How is that a compromise and why should it matter ? Either you are right and stick with your claims , or you are wrong and fix it ...

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