LittleBigPlanet Judge Dredd Release Date

Release date and official LittleBigPlanet Judge Dredd poster has been revealed

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gaffyh3811d ago

Sackboy looks epic lol

talltony3811d ago

If this has trophies like the mgs pack did. I'm buying it.

Midgard2283811d ago

really only if it has trophies? wow what ever happened to playing something for fun?

well i guess if trophies r funner than games then *shrugs thats u lol enjoy

nothere4133811d ago

This is one of the coolest god damn things I have ever seen.

How the? What the?


talltony3811d ago

Yes only if it has trophies. Let me tell you why. I have played this game like crazy have had the platinum for a very long time. So some new trophies would give me a bigger incentive in going back to play it some more. If you had the platinum for this game then u would understand.

rockleex3811d ago

A Watchmen DLC would be awesome!!! ^_^

Especially if Rorschach's mask would continuously change!!! O_O

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redsquad3811d ago

I was reading 2000 AD way back, well before it became a bit poe-faced & pretentious (I even had two pictures printed in !) - Cool DREDD stories like THE DAY THE LAW DIED and APOCALYPSE WAR are still vividly etched in my memory so I'm definately adding this DLC to my shopping list.

A ROGUE TROOPER Sackboy would be cool too (blue body, mohawk and gear would be sooo easy to do!)

caffman3811d ago

That story was fantastic

redsquad3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I'll say! Mega City 1 getting it's arse kicked, BIG TIME, and shocking (to me as a kid) images of Judges shooting their own citizens for looting! "Epic" doesn't do it justice yet it often seems to get eclipsed by stories such as THE CURSED EARTH (which I didn't really like at all).

People who think JUDGE DREDD began with Stallone are missing a lot of history.

Sorry, back on topic: Hope they do a JUDGE DEATH skin too!

Labwarriorbot3811d ago



Good times.

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The story is too old to be commented.