Duke Nukem Announcement Coming Next Week

Apogee Software's COO Terry Nagy has revealed that a press release regarding new Duke Nukem info will arrive sometime next week.

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fossilfern3810d ago

Probably just to do with the handheld versions that look nothing special IMO

Information Minister3810d ago

... Duke Nukem Forever still on track. Release date TBA.

pixelsword3809d ago

I can't see that team pumping out a multiplatform game without at least six months to a year in between times.

I also think Microsoft will want this in their stable because of the grip they have on America, and DN is an American Gaming Icon; which will make American 360 gamers happy.

And as far as a Wii or Sony game, It's possible for both, but less likely for either. I can't see them hashing the quality of the game or making Wii controls for the wii. I can't see them bringing this to the PS3 because they didn't bring any DN games to the PS3 either. Now I CAN see SONY getting this for the PS3 IF they realize that DN is an American Gaming Icon.

Since the PC to 360 importation is a easy process, and Microsoft wants to move 360's, I'm almost sure that Microsoft's getting a 360 "exclusive" that will convert PC owners to the 360, then porting over to the PC on Games for Windows after about a year.

DeadlyFire3809d ago

Technically Apogee still owns Duke Nukem Forever. 3D Realms is sub section of Apogee and Apogee is still around so anything is possible. It is true. Its on 3D Realms website that Apogee Software Ltd. is copyright at the bottom and mentioned as 3D Realms's legal name in some news posts.

More than likely if it is involving DNF though its a good announcement. I think they are doing it just to tease. As they always do with Duke Nukem. This whole idea of 3D Realms closing still doesn't compute with me. Especially with statements like this in their archives.

I think we're one of the best places a developer would want to work, and the structure we develop games under--ignoring arbitrary business and financial issues--is conducive to us making many more hits in the future.

Trebius3810d ago

So much Duke coverage...wonder what this is about. Hopefully it's SEMI good news.

Kushan3810d ago

"So much Duke coverage...wonder what this is about"

Wouldn't have anything to do with 3D Realms, the owners and creators of Duke Nukem, going out of business, would it?

SlyDark Star3810d ago

Press Release: We lost the files for the game while we were removing our stuff from the buildings and now the game will never be finished.

karan86243810d ago

Duke Nukem... really? Does anybody REALLY care? (No offense to those that do)

Timesplitter143810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Yes we really care because Duke Nukem is one of the biggest legends in the whole gaming world and those who played Duke 3D KNOW this would've been an awesome game.

Maybe you think DN is just another FPS franchise like Doom or Quake, but no. Doom and Quake are great, but Duke is special. Duke has a place in our hearts, as gamers. He's like a childhood hero. He represents awesomeness at the highest level possible.

Always bet on DOOK NOOKEM

3809d ago
Ellessdee3809d ago

but do you really want a new duke to inevitably ruin the franchise? look at the train wreck of that new matt hazard game. in todays market, a another duke nukem will end up just being another mediocre shooter packed so full of cliches that you'd be hard pressed not to want to gorge your brains out by the end of it. the origionals worked, and they were great. but those were different times. your just gonna have to accept that its over, or be prepared to be very disappointed.

evrfighter3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

I'd bet on The Duke even in this generation. Only if it's not a console exclusive.

take a look at what's the hottest article this very moment on n4g. Duke has not been forgotten.

maxbyte3809d ago

You said it well. And it is exactly because of that I do not wish to see that vapor ware materialize in some semi cooked half coded piece of alien slime.

stevenhiggster3809d ago

Actually Duke Nukem never was an FPS franchise, the original games were brilliant 2d platformers way back in the early nineties, then Duke Nukem 3D came out later, and most people have never played the original games, which is their loss.

Jockamo3809d ago

those sidescrollers were really good...

i think 3d realms during the 90s was going to be known for making good off the wall games that didn't take themselves too seriously, dn3d and shadow warrior... i think gaming needs that..especially nowadays...

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Baka-akaB3810d ago

I think it's obvious the game might not die , just getting bought and released by another company .

Look at the frenzey those footage alone generate ...take two , atari , activision , ubi , ea or anyone else will buy the rights and the current game

Hellsvacancy3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Most people (including myself) played Duke Nukem on the Pc so it could b a gold mine 4 Ms if they did (id buy it)

But i guess it depends how far long there in2 the project

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The story is too old to be commented.