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Uncle Rico3814d ago

Yea this is real. Compared to the shots on Kotaku, it looks just the same.

snipermk03814d ago

who's interested anyways? After all these years it still looks like a standard issue FPS game. It would've been great if it came out half a decade ago but not in today's world.

RememberThe3573814d ago

Maybe it will be one of Microsoft's little surprises.

omni_atlas3814d ago

Its real -- if you go to the guys resume at he *was* a 3d animator for 3drelms. I guess its all over -- I was looking forward to duking again.

ShabzS3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

that was used for gears 1 and 2... is that true? ..

Uncle Rico3814d ago

Thanks for telling us this Captain obvious

Timesplitter143814d ago

Those who say they don't want the game anyway probably never played Duke 3D. I can see how awesome the game would've been just by looking at those animation tests

I_am_rushin3814d ago

That's totally not true. They started making the game so long ago when the UE3 was not around. They actually used a super enhanced version of the UE2 with physics and other effects.

RussDeBuss3814d ago

My point was, why does it ask
"Is this real? **********If so are we going to hear more about it at E3.******************* So many questions left unaswers.

of course not if they are bust!

pointless article, like everything else that gets ubmitted on here. rubbish misleading headlines.

it's a sunday, wait til later when HHGS pits his article up and you will see my point

Information Minister3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Well, the article links to some previously unreleased footage of DNF. Can you please tell me exactly which part of "Duke Nukem Forever leaked gameplay" is misleading?

I'll give you some real "rubbish misleading headlines" that pop up in N4G frequently:
- "Top 10 reasons why the PS3 is failing."
- "Top 10 reasons why [insert high profile game here] fails."

RussDeBuss3814d ago

the part i put between the *********

*******If so are we going to hear more about it at E3************

why would we hear about a game from a company that has gone bust, i doubt a company that has gone bust will be doing any presentations there

RussDeBuss3814d ago

Bluray is DOOMED, that's one of my favorites, usually comes out a few days after an article about how well bluray is doing..

N4g_null3814d ago

This guy can officially write checks for his salary. That is some great work there maybe it's just seeing the real duke nukem in 3d that has me so jazzed.

Seriously this game looks so much fun.

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Sonyslave33814d ago

damn his voice only sound bad a$$

Hellsvacancy3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

"Theres plenty of Duke d|ck 4 every-body" i laughed SO hard

KionicWarlord2223814d ago


its fake ...the voice is the same from the classics.

Uncle Rico3814d ago

Next time shut your misinformed mouth.

Take a look at these screens.

Does it look fake now?

KionicWarlord2223814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )


Dont get mad at me,im sorry i made you mad. but that voice in this video is familiar to the old one.


Sorry to anger you guys...

but i did got to link in vid.

you guys should ...

yencid3814d ago

you know those voices are on THE SONG... not the actual gameplay... right?

narked3814d ago

the game may not be fake but the voice is from past games, thats what he is trying to tell u i think

Awookie3814d ago

Lots of devs use old sounds as well for just a placer until they finish recording new ones

somekindofmike3814d ago

I think it look very refreshing compared to the other FPS shooters on the market at the moment.

Currently the majority of shooters out there are striving to hit realism, almost a simulation of war. This reminds me of the days where shooters strived to just be bigger and badder than the last. I never really thought much of Duke Nukem Forever before this video, as it just seemed a bit of a joke being in development for so long, but now seeing it, I think it would of been something I would of seriously considered.

I love modern warfare & killzone, but give me an old school shooter in the vein of doom, duke nukem or maybe even a serious sam!

Uncle Rico3814d ago


from wat i can harbor, i was thinking that they just put the music and voice to reminisce the good ole days, while showing the game play from the new one...


Timesplitter143814d ago

That link is one of 3D Realms' animators looking for a new job, and that's why he leaked the video you fool

free2game3653814d ago

All of the audio from that was taken from the Megadeth version of Grabbag.

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swiftshot933814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Animation is nice, blood looks spectacular, environments seem to be varied and engaging, interesting gameplay mechanics, and cool guns...

Might have been a good game if it ever came out...

Edit: His voice is pretty sick too..

phosphor1123814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I expected better and am honestly disappointed. Though I did like some of the things they added, like Duke giving the enemy the finger lol.

But over all, you'd think they would surpass almost any game since they've had the time to plan it all.

NOTE: I'm not saying this is bad either. It looks really good, I'm just saying that they could have put more effort into it. Otherwise the game wouldn't have been in limbo for so many years.

What a waste of money, time, and hype.

SinnedNogara3814d ago

It looks fun. Too bad it was never released.

voice_of_ reason3814d ago

"Is this real? If so are we going to hear more about it at E3. So many questions left unaswers."

Really, is it that hard to make three coherent sentences? Is that asking too much? Should I have left off question marks at the end of my questions.