Why Infinite Undiscovery Remains Undiscovered

Now is not a good time to be a developer of Japanese role-playing games. JRPGs face an increasingly bewildering double standard: If a game sticks too closely to the norms established by series like Final Fantasy, it's labeled as derivative and uninspired. However, if a game ventures outside those boundaries, then it's criticized for straying too far from what games like Final Fantasy have conditioned us to expect from "good" RPGs. So, even if you're a reasonably established Japanese developer trying to create an original IP in the current console generation, you just can't win. Case in point: Infinite Undiscovery.

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Sonyslave33819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

i agree when i got this game for $20 i thought man i just wasted my money but when i played the game i was surprise how good it was.

SnukaTheMan3818d ago

very deep with the weapon creation and food. I loved the game myself.

Eddie201013818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Good RPG On the Wrong console, different kind of gamers on the Xbox 360. Most on the Xbox 360 prefer Western type RPG'S over Japanese ones, especially Xbox 360 gamers anywhere outside of Japan.

Kushan3818d ago

I hated it. I really hated it. I got all the way on to disk 2 and just hated how "cheap" it felt.
The first warning flag was the pointless "lets turn out ALL the lights and force you to fight your way through completely dark areas". That was just poor game design and the lights that followed you were nearly useless.
Then the endless backtracking. I swear, that desert bit was just tedius. Hey, lets run all the way from one side of this big, baron desert to the other. Oh what's this? People? Well lets escort them back!
Nearly there now and oh wait, someone's got lost. Time to backtrack AGAIN to find them....
Yey we found them, now we can get the people to where they need to be. Now that this is done, we can finally get on with our quest....on the other side of the big baron desert...

SpoonyRedMage3818d ago

Oh I agree with that there Kushan. I ended up going through the dark bits without using the lights and the desert was annoying, mainly because it's suddenyl overpopulated with monsters and you have those twins with you(who are useless).

DrRobotnik3818d ago

I think this rpg was just rushed out the door. It was put together all wrong. And I still think it was released on the wrong system.

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NovusTerminus3819d ago

I still want the game. But can't find it, I was gonna get it for $10 but they were sold out.

zoneofenders3819d ago

well of course it cant win.....
an JRPG , new IP, exclusively on XBOX360? wut were they thinking?!?

Redempteur3818d ago

tri-ace know how to make action rpgs
IU is far from being perfect ... but doesnot deserve a 68% metacritic score

Parapraxis3819d ago

You can win. Case in point: Demon Souls.

Can't wait for it to hit North American I'm importing it.

UltimateIdiot9113818d ago

I agree, I don't feel like importing Demon Soul but I can't get my gf who's studying abroad to get me a copy. =[

I have to say JRPG do a lot better on PS3 as that's where more of the JRPG fans are.

GameGambits3818d ago

I have Demon's Souls and it's my first venture into bothering to import a game. The result? Best JRPG on PS3 for sure. It's unique, challenging, and filled with tons of quality in every nook and cranny.

Its story is told in a bit sprace way and the game like everyone has said is very difficult if you aren't used to having to evade and block often to life. That's about all you could say is "bad", about this game which is well nothing to me.

Lost Odyssey was also a great JRPG this console generation. As was Valkyria Chronicles. The rest have had hit and miss features, but nothing I'd recommend for anyone to run out and play.

All 3 of these you could try and play now if you have the hardware, but the big issue is none of these 3 enter my top 10 of best RPGs let alone best games of all time. They are 100% worth your time and cash this console generation, but don't expect them to make you feel like you did after the completion of your favorite Final Fantasy, Chrono, Lunar, Grandia, Legend of Dragoon, etc etc etc. The games for JRPGs this generation so far aren't of that caliber, but at least these 3 games are hella close and hopefully real soon we'll see a same level of quality and the eventual surpassing of last gen.

ButterToast3818d ago

I just got my copy of Demons souls on Thursday. F'ing amazing! Feels a lot like Diablo, but dare I say better. Was my first import too. the only other game I might import is Siren since I really want a hard copy.

Demons Souls + Valkyria Chronicles = RPG fix satisfied

Kamikaze1353819d ago

A JRPG on a console who's predecessor was built on FPS and online games. Of course most 360 owners wouldn't want to buy it, let alone care about it. Look at all the games that sold well on the 360 - Halo 3, Halo Wars, Gears of War, Gears of War 2.....Awesome games, but none are JRPG games. The PS3 is more of an RPG console. It has barely any RPG games, but the ones out for it sold pretty well. Recently, Valkyris Chronicles sales went through the roof thanks to Gamestop's sale, lol. White Knight Chronicles is the best selling and rated JRPG out now.

Now, I'm not saying the JRPG games on the 360 suck, because I personally love some of them, but the audience these developers are trying to target just aren't interested.

ps3d03819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

360 has more types of games the the ps3 its hardly a shooter console. Did you ever stop to think with that amazingly small brain of your that the reason people didnt buy it was cause it got such low reviews ? I got the game for 10 dollars and fond it to be very joyable. However I find the story so far to be boring. The game would of done a lot better with mp the combat system scream for mp co op I have no idea why this wasnt added to the game.

betting the 10 dollar sell gave this game a good booast in sell. Anyone that missed it can pick it up on ebay or amazon for about 20 dollars

Kamikaze1353819d ago

Small brain? Your grammar is horrible and I have a small brain? Lmao, Sure why not. Anyway, I couldn't care less if you enjoyed the game or not, I'm just posting what the most likely cause is. Also, reviews don't mean anything. A lot of games generate mediocre to low reviews, yet they sell well.

rhood0223819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )


Apparently you can't read either. Kamikaze didn't say that the 360 was primarily a shooter console--but that the original xbox was.

The flow of logic is that the people who had an Xbox and migrated over to the 360 were interested in what the original did best--shooters. THAT is why JRPGs don't sell and the Halos' and Gears of Wars and CODs dominate the console's play time.

Sure, the 360 has done a better job of diversifying itself in terms of games, but the fact remains (despite the disagrees) that a certain type of games sell better on the console than others.
Likewise, it is a fact that the RPGs, despite the abundance of titles, have sold better on the PS3 simply because the Playstation brand is so closely associated with that particular genre.

Sarcasm3818d ago

PS3D0 is most likely just a 15 year old, so don't bother with him.

siyrobbo3818d ago

I think this gen MS has been trying to diversify and get away from the FPS only image. Trouble is they still haven't found there place, kind of a jack of all trades master of none sort of situation.

The Great Melon3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Even though I am a frequent of N4G and own every console, the xbox 360 still in my mind remains the "shooter system." It's a stigma that I don't think it will ever shake off regardless of what games it has to offer. Whether or not that is a good or bad thing, I don't know. All I can say is that they do good job of promoting the hardcore games and they have given themselves a strong image in that respect.

Aloren3818d ago

Quite a cliché.... JRPGs generally don't sell that bad on 360, even infinitre Undiscovery sold almost half a million copies... that's actually more than Valkyria Chronicles. They didn't all sell well (Eternal Sonata, Vesperia...), but Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and last Remnant also sold reasonably well, so it's not like the 360 audience can't appreciate JRPGs.

IMO the main problem with JRPGs this gen is not that they are on 360, since they don't really sell better on PS3 (except in japan, obviously...); it's that WRPGs are on average better, and therefore sell better. Oblivion, Fallout 3, mass effect, and fable 2 all reached the 2 million mark on 360, not so bad .

kevnb3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

don't pretend like it would have, outside of japan jrpgs not named final fantasy struggle... and even in japan it wouldn't have set the world on fire.

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