VGGEN: Wing Island Review

VGGEN writes: "For being such an obscure, low key Nintendo Wii title, Wing Island sure brings up a lot of questions: Did the game start its life as Pilotwings? Why does a bird even need a plane? Is it worth the budget price? Unfortunately, to only one of those can we provide the answer. (It's the last one...I still have no idea how this game made it into development or why flying creatures utilize flying machines.) Though so long ago now that I can scarcely remember it (not that that is all that surprising), when Wing Island was first revealed, there was a lot of speculation – or, rather, wishful thinking, hoping and praying – that, if not a proper installment, this game might at least be a spiritual successor to the beloved Pilotwings series, which hasn't seen a new entry since the Nintendo 64 (and, even then, that was only the second game)."

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