Resolution: Oni retrospective

Resolution writes: "Oni is quite an enigmatic game, one which secured itself a place in history as a kind of heroic failure. Almost completely unique in its status as a story-driven, futuristic third-person fighting game, especially so on the PC, Oni was in many ways a breathtaking achievement that could easily have been enormously successful and spawned a lengthy line of sequels and imitators. Instead, because of a number of comparitively minor flaws and unfortunate circumstances, Oni has been sidelined by history in favour of the huge-selling flagship Bungie series: Halo. Despite that, Oni still has a fairly small but devoted community, which over the years has produced mountains of fan fiction, art, and even a long-standing mod project to craft, almost from scratch, an Oni 2 - a dream that so far looks a long way from fulfilment."

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