The Review of Microsoft Windows 7 by PCGen

Here you can come discover the comprehensive test of the new operating system of Microsoft : Windows Seven, with many pictures and some videos.

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harrisk9543814d ago

has been getting nothing but great reviews. I've heard people on several tech oriented podcasts talk about Windows 7 being better in many ways than the Apple OS.

SaiyanFury3814d ago

I'm using the Windows 7 RC and it's great for the most part. I'm still having reliability problems with Windows Media Center, but other than that it's slick. It runs fast and I've not had a single issue since I started using it last week. Also, it's a lot more compatible than Macs.

FrankenLife3814d ago

Nawww they just really want to believe that.

tudors3814d ago

I cannot get the sound to work, I ran a compatability test and it was all ok but does the sound work does it heck, tried all the latest drivers but no joy.

Mr Murda3814d ago

What type of system are you running it on? I had the same problem with my Macbook Pro, but all I had to do was install the boot camp drivers from the OSX Install Disc. If that doesn't work, go to realtek's site and download their audio driver for Vista.

Running 64-bit on a Macbook Pro and I'm loving it. MS really did something here....of course, they had to!

BulletToothtony3814d ago

thru vmware.. everything worked just fine.. feels a bit more slugish than xp, but it's definitely a great step forward from vista..

7 is what vista should've been.. i still like os-x smoothness better but 7 has some nice visuals and seems to be working smooth..

What i like is the feeling that MS felt threatened by making a crappy os (vista) and now they made an actual effort to do something good.. MS tend to just make stuff as cheap as possible and hope that people just won't care..

On a site note, i can't wait for snow leopard.. day 1 buy for me

whoelse3814d ago

Can't wait for this. Performance means a lot to me. Most new additions that come to operating systems like Vista I will never use. But you cant go wrong with a faster pc.

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