Electronic Arts Summer Release Schedule Revealed

Electronic Theatre has today received an updated release schedule for Electronic Arts' forthcoming videogame titles. Obtained through partners in the independent retail sector, the schedule reveals the intended European release dates for a handful of titles due to arrive on shop shelves throughout both May and June.

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Zeal0t3818d ago

Nothing interesting :/

poindat3818d ago

The Sims may be 'casual', but it is a fun and addicting game. That being said, I would buy The Sims 3, but I will just wait for the '50-in-1' pack. :-D

SullyDrake3818d ago

Thank god I have a PS3.


njd823818d ago

The same old c**p with the next numbers in sequence tagged on at the end.

Redempteur3818d ago

a clone of mario kart

and another rockband ( the psp one )

way to go !!!
i guess they are set on a path after the poor sales of mirror edge and dead space ...

SpoonyRedMage3818d ago

I might get My Sims Racing. It won't be as good as Mario Kart but it sounds like it's got dcent customisation. I'll wait for some reviews first though.

majorsuave3818d ago

What an underwhelming list.

However I'll probably give the Sims 3 a try one day or another.

I'd like to see a Sims game that lets you play Sim City, Sim City Society and the Sims within the same UI.
That lets you play them all together or focus on the one you want and set the others to auto. or even two.

I want to know when BF1943 comes though.

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