TMNT 360 IGN Review

Is it any surprise, really, that the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title is a giant pile of terrapin faeces? It shouldn't be - this is a licensed game based loosely around an upcoming all-ages film. Of course, when Ubisoft Montreal announced it was handling the licence, we perked up our ears. Could it be? A truly cool TNMT game - on a next-gen system, no less? And from a talented, proven developer? Sadly, this just isn't the case.

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DarkLordRaptor4759d ago

It wasnt that bad. Keeped me entertained. Was longer than the GRAW2 campaign well at least it felt like. Wasn't bad for £30 from tescos.

kmis874759d ago

I know someone who bought the ps2 version for god knows why, and well, it's no Turtles in Time if anyone remembers that SNES game.

kewlkat0074759d ago

They neeed to bring Turtles in Time back....Well at least a game just as fun. I still play the ARCADE version on my MAME Arcade..4 player fun.

New York City 3am...Ha