Mozilla Man Mauls Windows 7

In a not-so-shocking outburst, Mitchell Baker, chairman (or chairperson apparently) of Firefox maker, Mozilla has declaimed of Windows 7:

"Our initial review suggests this is a blatant use of the Windows operating system to change the market dynamics of browser usage

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sukru5024d ago

When you install Windows (any version) IE is *the* default browser, until you install another one. How is this different on Windows 7?

And... anybody that has the ability to install Firefox, probably also has the ability to switch back to it, if IE becomes default by mistake.

Why are Firefox guys making a fuss about this?

kesvalk5024d ago

last i heard, windows 7 COMES with firefox

what they saying is that they are trying to hide Firefox, even though they put it in the bundle, they automatically sets IE as defaut, without giving the User choice...

i think they are talking about this...

ChickeyCantor5024d ago

Even then kes, its just to much of the same nonsense they keep mentioning. IE is pretty much the standard of windows, its a part of windows. If people want FireFox they go look for firefox.

If they havn't heard of firefox, what makes them think they will pick firefox if their "trusted" browser is IE anyway?

To much cry imo.

RememberThe3575024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

I have to agree. Firefox is doing really well right now. The fact the Windows 7 even comes with Firefox says something.

This is starting to become a "boy who cried wolf" type of thing. People are going to stop listening.

Viper75024d ago

I dont see any other mistake in this than yet again building OS to rely on Internet explorer. Mac doesnt need safari to run aplications, nor does any linux.

After installing windows there would be option of somekind when plugged to the internet to install one of the browsers.

I dont really understand all the whine about how IE comes bundled with windows, but the fact that it has to be there in some form to use some of the programs, I mean wtf?

ChickeyCantor5024d ago

Viper, the browser is based on the "explorer" of Windows.
Its basically one thing. Its just how their OS is build.

You can actually remove Internet Explorer( yes you can! )
So i honestly don't get all the b/tching to be honest.

The guys from FireFox should just promote it better, they should make something like googlechrome that downloads the whole package and installs it with one click.

I think its just them who wants free promotion. acknowledgement, but again if one never used firefox, doesn't know the name...what are they trying to achieve? what makes them think they will use FireFox?
you need to show them first what FireFox is about, not just push it in their face as an option.

poopface15023d ago (Edited 5023d ago )

I may just stop using firefox because im sick of hearing them whine. there doing great, but they want their product to be featured over microsofts. This Doesnt make any sense, and anyone siding with firefox is stupid. If mozilla is gonna cry, why dont they release their own operating system and make firefox only work on it. Ohhh I know why, because thed be screwed.

I think that they need to face the facts taht many people dont know or care about using an alternative to IE.

IE has to be set to the default browser because alot of people have no idea what firefox is, and without seeing that little IE icon they wouldnt even be able to get to the internet. then they would complain to microsoft, "why would I want a computer without internet."

I brought my pc home over the break and my mom wanted to use the internet, and she clicked on the IE Icon, not the Firefox one righ next to it. Why, because shes old and has no idea about firefox. When I told her, she still didnt care.

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thehitman5024d ago

Need to really stfu. I like it WAY more than IE but its MS FYCKING PRODUCT you cant tell som1 had to run their own shyt PERIOD. Maybe they should make their own O/S. If MS wanted they could code their O/S so Firefox isnt even supported and they would have to make a new 1.

phosphor1125024d ago

That is what monopolies do...and that is definitely not allowed.

illizit5024d ago

Yes it is allowed. Same way Sony does not allow Xbox games to played on the PS3. Microsoft created the operating system, they have the rights to do what they please. If you do not like it you can go with Mac OSX, Linux, Unix, etc.

RememberThe3575024d ago

It really doesn't work like that. That exact thing is what has gotten Microsoft in trouble in the past.

This whole "They made it, they can do what they want with it" idea does not fly when your system is run by over 90% of the world computers. That kind of market share is such a large industry means that government are going to start intervening in your business to promote competition and local software design.

sloth4urluv5024d ago

Umm yes I believe they could if they wanted too.
Its no different than console manufacturer refusing to allow a game to be published on their system. Are they going to do that? NO! I see absolutely nothing wrong with them bundling their own web browser with THEIR OS.

Besides I never understood what the big deal was, all the way back to Netscape. ITS FREE FFS! Why are they making such a big deal about it? The argument is as retarded as AEM demanding that all Hondas should come with their CAI because Honda's stock air filters are monopolizing the market...

RememberThe3575024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

I wanted Firefox so I went and got it. I get that mentality because I share it. But they can't push out their competitors more then they have already or they risk the heavy hand of the FTC, DOJ and EU.


This is not the same thing as the console market. Sorry but it's not that simple. There are too many computers running Windows for governments to let Microsoft do what they want with it. That is a fact, and it's backed up by antitrust laws all over the world. Just because it's yours doesn't mean you can do what ever you want with it. I can't believe people are actually having a hard time understanding this.

phosphor1125024d ago

Some of you guys really have no idea how business works.

The PC business is an open platform, one can do anything they want on it. Mac, Windows, Linux, as long as the operating system can run it. Freedom of choice is allowed, it is because the operating system is basically like a car, and all the programs you chose to to get with it are the accessories. As long as the parts (programs) are compatible with the car (the OS) then it allows freedom in what they want. Whether taking out parts and adding new ones to the car, or keeping it the same.

Consoles don't fall under the computer category. Consoles aren't meant to be "tampered" with, and modified like PC's can, THOUGH the reason why you cannot play 360 games on a ps3, and ps3 games on a 360 is because of two main things.

Piracy - each have their own security system to prevent burned/illegal games, or unauthorized games from playing on a console.

Hardware compatibility - each company have different hardware, in which each game is coded different, for the differences in hardware. Not because they restrict you too. It's just a combination of both this, and piracy/security that create the issue of not being able to play games on different consoles.

I could elaborate more, or even explain a few things better, but frankly, i dont feel like it.

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likedamaster5024d ago

"Mozilla and Opera have responded by saying that 'Custom Install' is too complicated for most people"

Are they serious? LOL wow, Mozilla = Fail

likedamaster5024d ago

You want YOUR browser as default make your own Operationg System. Simple as that.

likeaboss3025024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

So how would I download Firefox without an included browser......? ;)

DeathMetal5024d ago

That was funny but true thanks for the laugh

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