Feed Your Console Impressions: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Demo

Feed Your Console Writes:

Everyone's favourite bad ass hero is here and he is on Fire! Bringing in a massive $87 million at the box offices in the first weekend. To top it off it seems like every action movie these days has a video game to go along with it. Well X-Men Origins: Wolverine is no different, except for the fact that the game tie-in didn't suck.

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Guidance4185d ago

This game for sure doesn't suck, however I see bad reviews popping up everwhere. I think some 'gaming'-reviewers are putting themselves up on the wrong high horse.

When you review a game, you check how the game looks on itself. On the console it is published. I DON'T CARE about PS2/PS3/DS/Wii/Xbox etc. I got a PSP and I want to know if the game is good on this console. 'Better buy the PS3 version', jeees yes, if I also pay 300 quid to buy a PS3, but what about the game?

Wolverine is more than a decent game. For me as a half half Wolverine fan, it is a great game. The remarks: It's not worth being called a Wolverine game just because you run around with gawd, that is the whole thing about him, isn't it? Brutal Claws and healing factor! This game rocks.