PM: Naruto: The Broken Bond Review


"Now, what does the game get worse? The animation in cut-scenes seems stiffer, though it may be my imagination. Also, the fetch quests start almost before the game's title screen, and I don't want to find another block of wood for a boat, nor do I want to run around the forest to get coins anymore. If these coins are so valuable, why are people leaving them lying around in the forest? How come no one else has picked them up? They are GIGANTIC and GLOWING. To put it another way, if I were sawing a piece of wood in a field, and there was a coin the size of my torso rotating next to me, I might drop my saw and bring it to town to see what it was worth. Why are people hiding these coins in big blue barrels? There's a lot of quality in The Broken Bond, but gamey garbage like this drags it into the gutter. The producers should learn that just jumping across rooftops is fun. I don't need a reason to do it, and even if I did, it doesn't have to be enormous floating currency."

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