inFAMOUS Demo Hands-On: A Shockingly Good Time (One Last Continue)

Sony and Sucker Punch's inFAMOUS has had to deal with a lot of comparisons during its development; be it to Crackdown or Prototype. Thanks to the demo, released Wednesday night to preorder holders, that's all going to change. In this modern generation of gaming, a good demo can make or break a game...

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The General3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

I loved the demo, and tried to be quiet and keep it to myself but I can't. I've played crackdown and GTA, which were both good games by the way, but inFAMOUS? OMG this is a heavy contender for GOTY. Seriously. How does Sony come up with this stuff? It's hot. Wow, I really sound like a fanboy but seriously, this game is Hot! Please get this game. I haven't been excited for a game since killzone 2, but this absolutely has the potential to be game of the year. Going to check out the demo again. It's off the hook hot. Expect lots of 9s and 10s in the reviews :-) Seriously.

Definite Day 1 Purchase!

raztad3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

I love how people is beginning to agree about inFAMOUS a GOTY candidate. Only looking at early previews (IGN for example) you got the idea that game is something BIG.

Its just good this game is not as hyped as KZ2. Now everybody is being caught by surprise :D. Nice very nice, 26 cant come soon enough.


I read more carefully your post :D. I think is not Sony magic here, it is SUCKER PUNCH, though we need to acknowledge Sony open mind-ness toward new IPs.

chaosatom3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Although I haven't pre-ordered, I am definitely going to buy the game.

Tell me more about the demo. What makes it so much better than GTAIV, and Assassin's creed.

ultimolu3455d ago

Can't wait for this game.

Highatus3455d ago

I played the demo last night and about to play it again. This game is crazy fun and can't wait for the full version.


I think it's the immersion in the game that is the draw, from the demo everything feels tight from the controls, gameplay, story to the graphics and music.

Any game that tried to make the player feel like a Superhero or a Supervillian failed miserably compared to this game imo. And thats just demo impressions.

Ryo-Hazuki3455d ago

I played the demo last night....and DAMN..inFAMOUS is amazingly good and definitely game the year quality. You guys will see once you play it

Lariat3455d ago

I predict a 81 metascore for this game.

locos853455d ago

"I leapt up on top of the building, readied a bolt of lightning…and proceeded to accidentally fry her along with her would-be muggers. Whoops." LMAO!!

I havent decided how I should play my first play through. Good or bad?
I think I might go with the dark side since I always play the good guy.

-GametimeUK-3455d ago

Heck I dont think the game looked "all that"... BUT since the development team are so talented and im going to give this game the benifit of the doubt and buy it day 1 anyway... I want a demo :-(

kevnb3455d ago

maybe, but who cares? Review scores are meaningless as far as im concerned.

specialguest3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Go back to Mother Russia and wrestle your bears Lariat before I tiger knee you.


Persistantthug3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Is Metacritic the be all end all, no, but I like their system.

From that site, there are are 3 AAA games (games with scores of 90+) released so far this year: STREET FIGHTER 4 (94), Killzone 2 (91), and MLB 09: The Show (90).

All three of those games are critically acclaimed.


XBOX 360, according to METACRITIC, has 2 AAA games released this year with Street Fighter IV (93) and Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned (90).

I just feel that you can use that site as a good way to gauge AAA or fringe AAA games.

I will note however, that just because a game isn't in the range of 90-100, or even in the 80's, that doesn't mean that a game won't appeal to certain people...everyone has different tastes, and sometimes taste can vary from day to day or even mood....kinda like food. Lord knows that sometimes I feel like eating something plain or McDonalds.....sometimes. ;)

No Way3455d ago

I don't have a key. =(
Can you share one? o.O

Axecution3455d ago

Dont do that. This is NOT game of the year. You're hyping it up way more than it should be, and you're gonna kill it when it launches. I played the demo last night, and its a great game as i expected. There are however many glitches in it. In cutscenes, Cole teleports into his place. You even SEE his character model disappear. Same with people you talk to. They run away and disappear.
There's times when you turn the camera and can see into textures. This happens right at the beginning with the train, and happens a lot of other places around the city alone.
Some of the voice acting is also a bit... not-so-good.

I'll be buying InFAMOUS day one. Actually, ill be buying it twice for my preorder bonuses - then returning it. >.>
But the point is, it is not game of the year material, and you're hyping it up beyond its potential. If the bots start thinking that we're expecting this to be a Killzone 2 quality game and then it turns out to get 8/10 everywhere, it will be YOUR fault that they get a reason to brag. Thats all...

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ptotoy3455d ago

prototype and crackdown 2 will look graphically inferior to infamous

You Already Know3455d ago

the game offers things that I've seen in other games...

it's open world like a GTA game, the elctricity reminds me of The Force: Unleashed...then having the ability to climb anything reminds me of Assassins Creed...while various gameplay elements remind me of Uncharted with an even more advanced cover system....

GotY will be between Uncharted 2, inFamous and some other game I can't think of right now...but Sony owns two of the games I expect to be up for GotY and both of these games look epic...

...actually, inFamous is epic....I'm already sold..

BX813455d ago

How do you get into the demo is it pre-order? Thanks.

locos853455d ago

Halo Wars will be GOTY!!!!!!!


BX813455d ago

Don't really have time to read all the articles so answered questions are easier. If you like I could teach you to read. It's no trouble really.

beardpapa3455d ago

Sorry buddy, but if you have time to read comments, then your attention to detail or eyesight must really be bad. The answer was under your nose the whole time.

"Sony and Sucker Punch's inFAMOUS has had to deal with a lot of comparisons during its development; be it to Crackdown or Prototype. Thanks to the demo, released Wednesday night to preorder holders, "

don't even have to click the link to read the article.

HungPHAT3455d ago

Got mine preordered and paid for , used some of my reward points and it will cost me nothing even free shipping !

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