New 'The Outsider' Screenshots

IGN host some new screenshots of Frontier's DC thriller 'The Outsider', hitting the PS3 and Xbox360.

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GaMr-4316d ago

Do I smell "sleeper" on this one. Those are the best kind. The ones that sneak up on you out of nowhere. One second they are just some screenshots and rumors. Next thing you know your speeding manically down the highway to your nearest gamestop to pick up your copy. lol Its happened to me before:


God of War (the original)

Shadow of The Colasus

highps34316d ago

Game looks good. And gamestop sucks.

decapitator4316d ago

Boring as hell, even thought the screens look real nice, am not impressed with it yet.

NoUseMerc4316d ago

I talked with the PR from Frontier and these screens are from last August and they are not new at all!

techie4316d ago

NoUseMerc...well they are new to IGN, so they are new to us.

The heaven;y Sword footage was from November, but we hadn't seen them before.

I know the game will have much improved by now...but the policeman seem to have been produced in a factory (they're all identical with their bellies and beards lol)

power of Green 4316d ago

Animation sucks ass seen it on Comcast-Ondemand-Cutting/edge- G4-PS3.