IGN: DiRT: Colin McRae Off-Road Hands-on

IGN take Codemasters's rally racer for a fresh spin around the track.

"Codemasters' upcoming installment in the long-running and exceedingly popular Colin McRae series isn't just the best-looking rally game we've seen; it's one of the best-looking next generation titles, period. This week we've been lucky enough to go hands-on with Colin McRae: DIRT and were immediately blown away by the impressive visuals, superb handling and high-speed rally racing. Clearly Codemasters has had its best development team locked up in a garage for several years with only programming tools for company, if the impressive results we've seen so far are anything to go by."

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JOLLY14752d ago

I am looking forward to this game even more now!

BenzMoney4752d ago

Yeah... this game looks sick. I've always enjoyed this series but this one looks especially promising.

Tut4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

I remember them releasing a small trailer a long time ago and it had some things that made me VERY skeptical about the game, mostly the repetitive foliage and the horrible dust particle effects. At least I think it was this game... 90% positive.

Anyway, those screens are very nice and it leads me to believe any of the previous doubts I had about this game are no longer plausible concerns, woohoo! As long as it plays well I don't see how anyone that enjoys this genre could be disappointed in the least.

+1 to gamers! =)

Edit: Thank you to whomever gave me my fifth bubble back. I appreciate it! =)

Edit2: NM then, someone hates me more than you like me. =)

Organization XII4752d ago

When I saw the first batch of screens I thought that they are kind of pre-rendered, but it looks like they all are real...
I definetly will buy that game..

ps3gogetitt4752d ago looking rally game, better than motorstorm?

willymcd4752d ago

for a good rally game sense rallisport challenge 2, rallisport was ever so entertaining, i love rally games...

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