ButtonMasher inFamous Demo Impressions – It Rocks

ButtonMasher writes: The title more or less sums thing up doesn't it? Well I'll elaborate anyway because that's people are here for.

The demo arrived early this morning and while I was disappointed that it wasn't the full game (hint hint Sony) I was glad to finally get my hands on a game that I first saw at E3 last year and have been wondering about ever since.

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FamilyGuy4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

record the Thunder Storm. I wanna see the thunder storm!

Damn, i heard about this too late (10pm) so ill have to get my code tomorrow

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Traveler4365d ago

I haven't had the chance to play the demo yet, but I have been hearing mostly very positive things about it.

Sucker Punch are indeed very talented developers.

SL1M DADDY4365d ago

But after the demo... It is a definite must buy for me. Good gravy, if this is how open world games can look on the PS3 then please, anybody considering going multiplatform for the next open world game should rethink their plans and stick with the PS3.

No limitations on disc space = one helluva game.

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Baba19064365d ago

i would love to try this. well guess i ll have to wait for the release.

Ninver4365d ago

Well was there any doubt? Haters will cry while the wise prevail. This is only the beginning of the exclusive onslaught Sony has planed for us ps3 gamers.

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Siesser4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

There must be different demos, because what he's describing is NOT what I just played. First of all, it lasted over an hour, not 5 minutes (granted, there was exploring involved). Secondly, I played 4 different missions - saving hostages from a train, defending a crate containing meds, I believe, defending and cleansing a water tower, and stopping a transport truck. No tutorial at the beginning, and no running with Zeke.

Think these are different demos depending on where you got your code from? Or did he just randomly play something different?

Redempteur4365d ago

to play it too !!!!

/* goes back playing killzone in order to wait ....

Siesser4365d ago

I didn't play GTA, so I can't give you an accurate comparison, but the game is fairly impressive looking and fluid in movement. It pretty quickly becomes second nature jumping and manuevering. Watching the NPCss react to you is kind of fun, and texures seem pretty decent. I think character models could be a tad better, but I was thoroughly pleased with everything. And when you start chucking electricity left and right, the amount of chaos and particle effects borders on insanity. And with no stuttering that I noticed.

Traveler4365d ago

Wow, that sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

aldesko4365d ago

This is a demo that Sony sent him.. basically the tutorial. There's a French vid of it if you search N4G for "infamous".

I've played the other demo four times.. it's really good.

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eagle214365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

what a year, PS3.... :p

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