Nintendo: We're not holding back Wii's

In response to comments made by GAMESTOP, Nintendo's senior VP of marketing George Harrison reassured gamers that Nintendo would not even dream about holding back Wii's regardless of what Gamestop believe. Read the full story for more info.

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Marty83705244d ago

You would say that Nintendo.

bootsielon5244d ago

Wii is overrated, overhyped, and overpriced. I say hold them back a little more, people that REALLY want one don't really deserve it for falling for it.

Give me some Wii kingdom hearts, a new Zelda, Final Fantasy XIV, Dragons quest X or XI, Sadness and Wii excercise. Then I'll care and complain about shortages.

DonSqueak5243d ago

How is it that all Nintendo news only get ridiculously fanboyish pointless comments?

PS360WII5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Nintendo is holding back on consoles just like MS did when they launched the 360. Last I remember it took MS 8 or so months to regain a steady stock of consoles to retailers.

Gamestop is just upset that they can't sell as many Wii consoles as they could. Guess what Gamestop EVERY retailer is upset the demand for the Wii is insane! Yet the other stores aren't making up stories to try and get some more.

I mean they had 4 million made for launch! Given the track record of Nintendo's last few 4 mill should of been able to last them awhile. Yet everyones upset that Nintendo didn't know they had THE system of the year and expected Nintendo to make 10 million + units for launch, just becuase they should of known... uh-huh

techie5243d ago

More like holding in Wii(s)

ChickeyCantor5243d ago

ok, that joke is getting old......REALLY old...........LIKE OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD!