Pupils taught via PlayStation

Pupils will be taught lessons via PlayStations in a futuristic new initiative.

PlayStation learning is being introduced to Holyhead School in Birmingham to help teach French, history and geography.

Technology giant Sony is using the school as a pilot for the scheme, which could be extended nationwide if successful.

Former Sony employee Lorna Diprose is a French teacher at the school, in the Handsworth area, and has helped bring the project to the school.

Ms Diprose, who worked for Sony's marketing department for six years, told the Evening Mail: "The big key is independent learning.

"The console is just like a mini-computer, but fast, and you can use it to tailor-make lessons for pupils who need support or stretching."

Head teacher Martin Bayliss told the Birmingham newspaper: "This is very exciting.

"It's not about using the console for games, but it does have a lot of exciting potential for learning opportunities.

"Sony are interested in developing education software and we are delighted that they are carrying out their PlayStation pilot at Holyhead."

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Lord Anubis4756d ago

this will be spin someway, using PSN to teach would be great. I would have something look forward to, maybe guitar lessons?

Bill Gates4756d ago

This sounds very interesting. Maybe with the introduction of the new eye-toy this idea could end up developing into something like a live class taking place in the network where people would meet to have live discussions on topics, or subjects they've always wanted to learn about, or like he said ^^^ "guitar lassons?. All viewed in HD quality.

In my opinion the PS3 will spread like a virus in 2 years, you just wait and see. Once people get the ball rolling with the PS3, and start to realize the type of things the machine is capable of.....oh the ideas that will emerge.