Hayashi: Those who say PS3 is difficult to dev for are just using excuses

Yosuke Hayashi director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma stated that those developers who perpetuate the PS3 is too hard to develop for are just using it as a poor quality excuse. Hayashi also states that if one team can do a good job, then others can follow suit too.

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overrated5244d ago

im afraid your gonna here different from the non gamers on here I.E the fanboys yep :)

techie5244d ago

From any of the guys developing for the ps3 alone have said the same thing. I think it is a daunting prospect when you think about it, but with the right tools and once you get in I'm sure it's still hard but it must feel liberating to get results.

BIadestarX5244d ago

Does this mean, we no longer have to wait 1-3 years before being allowed to compare the graphics with the xbox 360? So, they can't use that excuse anymore?

techie5244d ago

You can compare them now Blade. But wait until the end of the year...some nice little surprises coming your way. From both sides. We are going to see a couple of generation jumps graphics wise on the current hardware. Good times.

ASSASSYN 36o5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

And there is the first wait of the comments. WAit Wait Wait Wait. I don`t see anything worth waiting for on the PS3. Xbox 360 either has everything inbound to ps3 or exclusives. O yeagh ps3 has home. Whoopty-doo

techie5244d ago

AAssassyn I know you are following me and it's very flattering and all...but I said FOR BOTH CONSOLES. We all know both are going to get graphics that blow current games out of the water and we know they are going to be here by the end of the year. If you don't agree that Halo3 is going to look amazing then be my guest. your choice

zantetsuken5244d ago

there's a differecne between first-gen and second-gen games. You can compare them head to head then. If you want to be fair, comapre PS3 titles to 360 launch titles, that's more realistic.

His comment has nothing to do with that. He's merely saying people using difficulty excuses shouldn't be in the game dev business if they're going to be crybabies. If one person can make a great games, all others can. They're just half-ass doing it and looking for somewhere to help take the heat off, so they blame it on difficulty.

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power of Green 5244d ago

Your right it's hard to ignor the rest of the dev community.

fenderputty5244d ago

that a reputable dev, who develops for BOTH platforms is full of it? You're too funny. It's kind of cute actually. You know ... how you try and run an anti PS3 campaign whenever you can.

nix5244d ago

now... stop complaining and start working... q:

lilwingman5244d ago

LOL EA, they don't like to work :P

Azurite5244d ago

It's not that their developers don't like to work, EA push their teams to finish their products as fast as possible.

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