TPSN Giving Away Worms On PSN

TPSN have teamed up with yet another company to offer their readers something cool. Worms developers, Team17, have given the guys at TPSN two download codes for the Ps3 version of their classic game. Enter, you know you want to.

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Looking Back to 1995 and the unkillable genius of Worms

Dave writes: "Being a bit of an old-timer, I remember the launch of Worms. As an owner of an Atari ST, I’d read all of the Amiga magazines simply because games would hit the Amiga first, and our team would get them in due course. There’d be a tinge of envy as I’d make a wishlist of the games to get when they arrived on the ST, and I remember Worms being one of them."

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1015d ago

Team 17’s “Worms Collection 1” is coming to the Evercade console in May 2021

"Team 17 and Evercade are today very proud and excited to announce that the "Worms Collection 1” pack (which includes "Worms", "Worms Armageddon", and "Worms Blast") is coming to the Evercade console in May 2021" - Jonas Ek, TGG.

TGG_overlord1042d ago

Nice =) I hope that you will enjoy the collection once you get it ;)

ScootaKuH1042d ago

It looks great although it does have one fundamental flaw - the Evercade is a single player machine and the Worms games are best played in multiplayer.

Having said that, I guess as players tend it in turns you'd just pass the machine around each player


Video Game Franchises with the Most Imaginative Weapons

Some Video Game franchises have weapons that are imaginative, unconventional and downright bizarre. This is a good thing. Join us as we investigate nine of the best.

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SickSinceSix1086d ago

I'm surprised Ratchet & Clank wasn't on the list. Late Saint's Row games, with more imaginative weapons like the Shark gun and the armchair with guns would fit on a part two list as well

NomadsReviews1086d ago

I'm not familiar with Ratchet and Clank (not my sort of game) but I'll add it to the list for part two along with Saint's Row. Thanks for the suggestions :-)

phoenixwing1085d ago

look up resistance fall of man from insomniac as well. there were some interesting weapons for that too

P_Bomb1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Resistance series 100%. Especially the secondary fires. Auger shields, Bullseye tags, Magnum detonator, Rossmore incindiary, then throw a Hedgehog for good measure. By the time I got to R3 they were onto Atomizers and Mutators. Armory speaks for itself.

FreeckyCake1085d ago

Does the unicorn weapon from Red Faction: Armageddon counts?

gleepot1085d ago

Cerebral Bore from Turok 2. Farsight from Perfect Dark.

NomadsReviews1085d ago

Thank you to everyone for your excellent suggestions. They have all been added to the list for part two which should be published by the end of the month :-)