Up Close and Personal with the new Xbox 360 Elite

UNSCleric does a detailed run-down of the Xbox 360 Elite, with close-up pictures, and a video run-down of the console. New pictures at the bottom of the post, full details after the jump.

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milthaar4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

so first MS was like ''we dont need hdmi port since most of the gamers havent got a hd tv'' and now they are like ''WE GOT HDMI PORT!!!!''
first MS was like ''we dont need 60gb in oure console 20 in plenty'' and now they are like ''WE GOT 120GB!!!''
first MS was like ''we dont need a high def dvd'' now there like ''WE ALSO HAVE A HD DVD DRIVER!!!''

see the trend?

BIadestarX4753d ago

ahhh shut up and quit b!tching as if anybody cares. Don't you think you b!tched anough on all the other posts?
For gaming 20GB is more than enough, now due to IPTV and Netflix joining forces, and the movie marketplace (which weren't part of the equation when the 360 was first released) not it will be. HDMI is not required for games but for movies and people that own HDTV is nice to have. You can't see this since youare a fanboy. But wait until IPTV comes out and we get netflix you will have a lot more to b!tch about. I mean, seriously, with have a large hard drive for your PS3, what do you do with it? Download demos and keep them there for ever? How many movies are you downloading into your huge drive, and demos? Are you going to be able to use it for IPTV or rent movies. LOL. loser.

power of Green 4753d ago

Only 20 thousand elites, MS said HDMI was not needed lawfully or to give gamers HD content.

HDD was obviously designed to get larger as needed when something MS brings to the table warrents it.

The only trend i see are fools that dont know what they are talking about being upset about something that doesn't have to effect them at all.

Texas GMR4753d ago

I hope not, are you sure? (haven't read any of the articles on it) I want one. I don't know why. I just do.

mayanja4753d ago

still microsoft should add a blu ray drive built in wifi six axis compatible with xbox games and media card reader and better graphics than the ps3 and internet explorer and msn messenger versions and cordless keyboard for xbox 360 online

DreamSnach24753d ago

well they opt to get the hdmi and a bigger hard drive only because we asked for it they thought we didn't need it. But they where wrong and they seen that they where

DreamSnach24753d ago

mayanja, what are you talking about, ms will never and I don't see why they would add a blu ray drive and a sixaxis port. are you ok?

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